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An emergency medical technician and a political scientist, Allison focuses on Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services policy. Allison has taught at the undergraduate level since 2010. Prior to teaching, Allison worked in a level-one trauma center emergency department and for a member of congress in Washington, D.C. She holds four Master’s degrees in Emergency Management, National Security Studies, International Relations, History, a Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She is trained in water safety instruction and large animal emergency rescue. She serves on the Board of Trustees for Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society and also serves as the Advocacy Coordinator of Virginia for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Should Body Armor Be Required for First Responders?

Body armor is a relatively controversial issue. It brings up numerous issues about the safety of first responders and the 911 calls they answer.

The Necessity of Critical Incident Stress Debriefings for First Responders

In the last six months, there have been a number of mass casualty incidents that have forced emergency management professionals to contemplate how to handle mass casualty incidents in the future.

Pennsylvania’s Proposed EMS Legislation Needs Amending

Pennsylvania House Bill 1013 recently passed in the Pennsylvania House. It will help the overall climate of Emergency Medical Services, but some of the language may be a bit vague.

Growth of Suburban Farming Requires Emergency Preparation Education

As individuals seek to live healthier, more satisfying lives, many food-related movements are cropping up in the United States. One such movement is suburban farming.

China Landslide Offers Insight into Emergency Management Improvement

How China handled its recent horrific landslide will likely provide some excellent lessons for other emergency management professionals and academics.

Tropical Storm Cindy, Mold and Safeguarding Family Heirlooms

Tropical Storm Cindy is moving inland and has the potential to create flooding in its path. Homeowners should work to prepare now to prevent valuables from getting damaged in flood waters.

Resource Management’s Ethical Considerations of Curtailing 911 Calls

What constitutes an emergency differs from person to person, especially when the 911 caller is not trained in emergency management or emergency medicine.

Hands-On Learning Is an Effective Way to Teach Emergency Management

Emergency managers need to utilize the kinesthetic learning style to reach other areas of the public to effectively educate them on personal disaster preparations.

Educating the Public on Responding to Outdoor Emergencies

Educating the public on basic outdoor survival techniques conserves emergency team resources and helps to prevent outdoor emergencies.

An Emergency Survival Kit in Your Car Could Save Your Life

A list of a few common-sense things to keep in the car for when emergencies strike.