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Weather Service: Hurricane Jose ‘Bears Watching’

Southern New England will likely get some rain from the remnants of Hurricane Irma later this week and then should get at least strong surf from another hurricane, Jose, early next week.

How To Survive Hurricanes And Other Natural Disasters: Survival Tips From An Expert

Few hurricanes and other disasters allow time for people to gather even the most basic essentials, making early planning and preparedness a necessity.

9/11 Memorial To Include Names Of Sickened Responders

Hempstead, NY will officially dedicate its $1.3 million memorial at a service Monday, the 16th anniversary of the attacks.

Irma Recovery Could Require 11M Meals, 24,000 Tarps And More

With the arrival of what is potentially one of the most devastating storms to ever hit Florida, officials have set aside 3.2 million liters (0.85 million gallons) of water, filled 67 trailers with meals, and amassed 24,000 tarps.

Irma Loses Hurricane Status But Keeps Spreading Misery

Hurricane Irma weakened to a still-dangerous tropical storm Monday as it pushed inland, triggering record flooding in Florida's northeastern corner.

Strengthening Harvey Forecast To Slam East Texas As First Major Hurricane In US Since 2005

An incredible amount of rain, exceeding 20 inches in some areas, is likely as the storm is predicted to stall and unload torrential downpours for four to six straight days.

Interesting Facts About the 2017 Solar Eclipse and Different Ways to See It Safely

For millions of Americans, Monday, August 21, 2017, will present a rare opportunity to see a spectacular total eclipse of the sun.

Energy Drinks: A Hazardous Form of Substance Abuse

Energy drinks: Hospital visits and deaths continue to rise as more and more people become reliant on energy drinks to make it through a busy day.

Hikers Form Human Chain In Flood-Swollen Utah River

One of several hikers who formed a human chain across a river swollen with flash flood waters in the Utah desert said Thursday it was powerful watching people help each other through the dangerous situation.

Washington Has More Homeless Students Than Most States, And Their Numbers Keep Growing

Washington has one of the highest levels of homeless students in the nation. And in a three-year span, when the number of homeless students in Washington grew by 30 percent, the amount of federal funding provided to help those students only increased by 8 percent.