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Dr. Hanifen serves as a Shift Commander at a medium-sized suburban fire department in the northern part of the Cincinnati area. He is the Chairperson and operations manager for a County Technical Rescue Team. From a state and national perspective, he serves as a Taskforce Leader for one of FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue Teams, which responds to presidential declared disasters. From an incident command perspective, Randall serves as the Deputy Planning Section Chief for a Type 3 Incident Management Team. From an Academic standpoint, Randall has a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration, a Master’s Degree in Executive Fire Service Leadership, and a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in homeland security. He is the associate author of Disaster Planning and Control, (Penwell 2009). which provides first responder's guidance through all types of disasters.

Response Considerations When Vehicles Become Terrorist Weapons

In the past year, several international events have occurred when terrorists have used vehicles as weapons; an expert offers some pointers on how to handle such events.

Firefighters Hiring and Promotion Pt 3

Can you afford to limit the pool of applicants to only those with all of the certifications? Unlike a business degree, firefighting certifications only work in one job and the general public does not go to school to see if they want to be a firefighter, thus the pool is very limited.

The Necessary Steps for Creating a Hazmat Response Unit

Hazardous material responses require a great deal of planning and training, which results in a direct benefit when an actual hazmat event occurs.

Mass Shooting Response: Creating Calm from Chaos, Part 2

There is a need for triage and the use of ambulances in an efficient, taxi-style transportation configuration after a mass shooting event. But how do we organize an incident command system to create this efficiency?

Active Shooter Planning for Business – Part 2

Adequate alarms and actions are the most important ways to save lives in the event of a active shooter incident at your place of work.

Basic Elements of Fire and Police Planning to Ensure Business Continuity

To ensure business continuity, business owners and managers should spend a few hours with local police and fire departments planning how emergency responders should react to an emergency at their business.

Mass Shooting Response: Creating Calm out of Chaos, Part 1

The only successful way to mitigate a mass shooting incident is to have the proper number of resources, with the proper training, perform the needed tasks.

Train Versus Vehicle Incidents: Part 2

Overall, proper planning can greatly mitigate the human and environmental damage from a vehicle or train incident. But good management of the command system and hazardous material response are additional ways to ensure the best results possible.

Active Shooter Planning For Businesses – Part 1

Unfortunately, active shooter events happen in businesses of all types, so business owners wonder: how can our company prepare?

Train Versus Vehicle Incidents: Part 1

Train accidents require first responders to manage injured people, fatalities and hazardous materials situations. But with proper planning and coordination, responding to a train accident becomes easier and more efficient.