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On Offer -- Make Your Voice Heard


If you read back through inputs made in this forum, you will find that our little group is a collection of wise folk with admittedly limited perspective. That kind of goes with the territory.

No one can ever be given all the world's knowledge while standing on the head of a pin -- a story from our mythology. And as is quite apparent from our efforts, even though we all at EDM Digest are quite capable of competently presenting our world-views, I don't think any of us would argue against the idea that our world-views are incomplete. In fact, if we presented ourselves as being the know-all be-all of emergency and disaster management, we'd turn everyone off and quickly fade away.

An offer

So I present to you this offer: We have offered guest blogs as part of our effort to fully and comprehensively represent the EDM field. Colleagues and students of our program have offered valuable perspectives that we in the pool of dedicated bloggers couldn't match. So I would like to offer you, our dedicated readership of EDM professionals, this opportunity:

IF you have a perspective and a message that you feel is important to be understood by the wider EDM community, I offer you the opportunity to discuss it with me and receive my support in making it public as a guest blog on our site. Contact me here and we'll figure out how to get your message out there.

I look forward to hearing from you. One thing that's not at issue here is our commitment to protecting and serving the public, so we need to make that initiative as effective as we possibly can.

Randall Cuthbert Dr. Randall Cuthbert is a retired APUS Professor of Emergency & Disaster Management. He has also worked as a Red Cross Shelter Supervisor, and spent a 20-year career as a US Air Force Civil Engineer Officer. His blogging interests include: protecting & enhancing the EDM profession in the areas of integrity, honorable public service, and social justice; education regarding the 'big picture' role of EDM in our society; educating our professionals and neighbors with regard to the greatest threat to our civilization--climate change; and in general terms, creating a better world for our children and grandchildren.