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Adam served ten years in the United States Army primarily in the Operations and Physical Security realm. His tour allowed him to serve in the DC Metro area as the Operations for a Military Police Company and a Sniper/Observer team member for the Military District of Washington's Special Reaction Team, Hawaii as Operations for a Brigade Combat Team, and Fort Leavenworth as the Operations for the Department of Emergency Services as well as a Physical Security Specialist. Adam now works for the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies, where Critical Thinking and Group Think Mitigation are taught in hopes of bettering the decision making process and the development of better plans and ideas.

Sacrificing Privacy for Cybersecurity?

Increasing connectivity is leading to more vulnerability. Are the security solutions being developed creating privacy concerns?

Chemical Plume in Kansas Forces Evacuations

Early Friday morning, a chemical spill that created a large chemical plume forced evacuations in Atchison, KS.

The Aftermath of the Yahoo Data Breach: What Now?

Last month, Yahoo became the latest victim in a string of high-profile cases of stolen account information from large companies.

Fear of Cyber Attacks Affects Trust in American Democracy

As Election Day nears, concerns about the security of our voting system has caused doubts in more than 15 million voters, according to a recent study conducted by Carbon Black.

Continued Effects Being Felt Following Hurricane Matthew

Now that Hurricane Matthew has passed, North Carolina is dealing with major flooding; swollen rivers threaten much of the state.

The FDA Falls Short in Information Security

Much like other businesses these days, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relies heavily upon IT systems to fulfill its mission. Yet, the lack of implementation of required guidelines have placed some of their systems at risk.

Cybersecurity Becoming a Higher Priority for U.S. Businesses

Recent cyber attacks in the U.S. and the desire to meet regulations are leading U.S. companies to realign priorities, with many now placing cybersecurity at or near the top.

Flu Season is Approaching

The flu season is upon us. As many different new strands of are being identified around the country, and the rapid increase in deaths related to such, there has been great discussion on when is the right time to get vaccinated.

Courting Failure Within Your Organization

People and organizations around the country court failure in predictable ways due to their mindsets, biases, and experiences which are largely formed and molded by their culture and context.

Could a DDoS Cyber Attack Take Down a 911 Emergency System?

Researchers study the use of mobile bots, to create a botnet, to initiate a DDoS attack on the 911 emergency system; and the findings are frightening.