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Anthony Hilderbrand is currently a fire inspector and fire investigator for the Department of Defense. He spent the last eight years in the Air Force and held five distinctive positions within the fire service. During his tenure as an Airman he had three separate tours to the Middle East. With his Associates in Fire Science in hand, Anthony is currently enrolled at American Military University pursuing his Bachelor's in Fire Science Management.

Flint Water is Still a Concern

After nearly a year, Flint, MI residents are still being advised to use filters when drinking tap water due to the ongoing water crisis.

First Responders Feel Lingering Effects From 9/11

Fifteen years after a day that no one will forget, some are still feeling the effects from the attacks on September 11, 2001, not only psychologically but physically as well.

Zika Spread a Concern Post Hurricane Hermine

Now that Hurricane Hermine has come and gone, the concern that the Zika virus may spread is very real. With the heavy rains that poured into parts of Florida, standing water will definitely be something residents will need to pay close attention to.

Google Glass: A New Way to See Firefighting

A new Google Glass app can show maps of where firefighters are responding, hydrant locations and even cut points on vehicles that can make vehicle extrication quicker and safer.

EDM Friday Briefing: North Korea Nuclear Test, Texas School Shooting, Hurricane Newton Remnants

Emergency and disaster briefing for September 9, 2016: North Korea confirms its fifth nuclear test, a high school shooting in Texas turns deadly, effects of Hurricane Newton may produce dangerous weather in the Midwest, police arrest a woman who started a fire on a JetBlue flight, firefighters work to contain the Gap fire in northern California, authorities foil a bomb plot in London, and forest fires in Portugal and Spain force evacuations.

How to Handle the Freelancing Firefighter

Some would call it "Superman complex" and some fire department personnel just call it reckless. Whatever you would like to call freelancing on the fire ground, it is downright dangerous.

Firefighting and GIS: A Perfect Match

It is no secret that the U.S. has its fair share of wildland fires each year. Today, with the incredible amounts of acreage burnt, GIS is playing a bigger role than ever.

EDM Friday Briefing: Hurricane Hermine, SpaceX Explosion, Chicago's Dangerous Month

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 2, 2016: Hurricane Hermine weakens as it hits Florida, SpaceX Falcon 9 explodes, Chicago wraps up its deadliest month in 20 years, mosquitoes test positive for Zika in South Beach, FL, the U.S. plans to destroy chemical weapons, authorities arrest two women with 200 pounds of cocaine on a cruise ship, Louisiana lawmakers seek more funding for flood recovery, and an algorithm could boost power grid protection.

EDM Monday Briefing: Tropical Depression, Airline Pilots Arrested, Plane Crash in New Orleans

Emergency and disaster management briefing for August 29, 2016: Tropical depression 8 develops off of the East Coast, two United Airlines pilots are arrested on alcohol charges, two people go missing after a plane crashes in a New Orleans lake, Iran deploys a Russian-made long range missile, an Ithaca College student is stabbed, a fatal bus crash occurs in Louisiana, Zika arrives in Singapore, a biofuels study sparks debate, and California fire officials attempt to contain the Sobernanes, Chimney, and Rey wildfires.

EDM Friday Briefing: American University Attack, Italy Quake, Syrian Chemical Weapons, California Drought

Emergency and disaster management briefing for August 26, 2016: At least thirteen people die in an attack at American University of Afghanistan, the death toll increases in the earthquake that struck Italy, Syria may still be using chemical weapons, California drought persists and contributes to wildfires, and the U.S. Navy fires warning shots at Iranian vessels.