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David E. Hubler brings a variety of government, journalism and teaching experience to his position as a Quality Assurance Editor at APUS. David’s professional background includes serving as a senior editor at CIA and the Voice of America. He has also been a managing editor for several business-to-business and business-to-government publishing companies. David has taught high school English in Connecticut and at Northern Virginia Community College. He has a master’s degree for Teachers of English from the University of New Hampshire and a B.A. in English from New York University. In March 2017, Rowman & Littlefield published the paperback edition of David’s latest book, "The Nats and the Grays, How Baseball in the Nation's Capital Survived WWII and Changed the Game Forever."

Hurricane Barry Gives New Orleans a Bastille Day Gift

New Orleans: The much-feared Hurricane Barry came and went without causing serious damage or injuries on its northwest track across Louisiana.

Chicago Fireworks Marred by Human Stampede and Stabbings

More than a dozen Fourth of July revelers were injured in Chicago on Thursday evening when a false report of gun fire set off a human stampede.

Monster Hurricane Barbara Churns toward Hawaiian Islands

Hurricane Barbara—the first major hurricane of the 2019 season—blew up from a tropical storm to a major Category 4 hurricane within 24 hours.

Firefighters Battle Wildfire near Madrid for 4th Consecutive Day

Madrid, Spain: Firefighters in have contained - but not yet extinguished - a hillside wildfire. The fire has been burning for four straight days.

Shark Trio Kills Young California Snorkeler in the Bahamas

In an extremely rare event, a 21-year-old college student from California was killed Wednesday in a horrific shark attack in the Bahamas.

Growing Dead Zone Imperils Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Industry

The annual dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico – an area of water with little to no oxygen that kills fish and other marine life – is predicted to reach near-record levels.

Improving First Responders' Interagency Communications

GlobalFlyte, a technology company founded in 2015, has developed a solution to first responders' interagency failures in communications.

Russian Trolls Stir Up Measles Vaccination Controversy

A look at Russia's ongoing attempts to disrupt a major American phenomenon – the worst outbreak of measles in the U.S.in the past 25 years.

Cyberattack Not Seen as Cause of South American Power Outage

A widespread power outage affected more than 50 million in South America on Sunday. Argentine authorities do not consider a cyberattack as a possibility.

Alaska Quake Proved Value of New First Responder Network

The First Responder Network Authority -- America's first nationwide public safety broadband network -- worked well for a recent Alaska earthquake.