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Supermarkets: The Fourth Emergency Service

A look at how grocery stores in the United Kingdom are vital to the country's infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What You Need To Know Today About The Virus Outbreak

The top infectious-disease expert in the United States is warning that smaller U.S. cities are about to witness the rapid acceleration in coronavirus cases that New York is seeing.

Pennsylvania Prison Inmates Quarantined In Cells Over Virus

Inmates throughout the Pennsylvania state prison system will largely be confined to their cells to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 after one tested positive for the disease.

California Sees Stepped Up Rules, Eyes Possible Virus Surge

Californians endured a weekend of stepped-up restrictions aimed at keeping them home as much as possible while health officials got ready for a week with a possible dramatic surge in coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus Pandemic 'Could Have Caused 40 Million Deaths If Left Unchecked,' Study Suggests

Researchers at Imperial College in London have found that COVID-19 could have caused 40 million deaths worldwide this year without preventative measures.

ACLU Questions Constitutionality Of Stopping New York Cars

ACLU questions the constitutionality of R.I. Gov. Gina Raimondo's directive allowing state police to stop vehicles with New York license plates.

COVID-19 Survey Data Is Pouring In, And It Paints A Bleak Picture

COVID-19: This week, the Pew Research Center released a series of surveys that measured Americans’ attitudes toward the coronavirus pandemic.

Possible twister: Damage reports at Mississippi-Alabama line

The suspected tornado heavily damaged structures in northern Mississippi and Alabama as a severe storm system crossed the Deep South.

In pandemic, rumors of martial law fly despite reassurances

Despite what you may have read in a text message or on social media, there are currently no plans for a national quarantine, let alone martial law.

Of America and sacrifice: Is the country ready to step up?

For most Americans alive today, the idea of shared national sacrifice is a memory handed down from a grandparent or something seen in a movie.