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Storms, Floods In Sicily Kill At Least 12 People; 2 Missing

Storm-related floods killed at least 12 people in Sicily – including nine members of two families who were spending a long weekend together.

Hurricane Michael: 'Potentially Catastrophic' Storm Begins Battering Florida

Hurricane Michael roared closer to the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday after intensifying into a Category 4 storm, gaining strength just hours before it was poised to make landfall in the afternoon as the strongest hurricane on record to strike the region.

Health Professionals: Get Your Flu Shot Soon

Getting a flu shot this season should be high on everyone's priority list before influenza takes its grip on all age groups, medical professionals say.

Michael Strengthens to a Hurricane and is Forecast to Make Landfall in Florida as a 'Dangerous' Category 3 Midweek

It will likely be the area's strongest hurricane in thirteen years. The NWS is also warning that a life-threatening storm surge is possible along portions of the Florida Gulf Coast.

Indonesia Considers Making Devastated Areas Mass Graves

Search teams pulled bodies from obliterated neighborhoods in the disaster-stricken Indonesian city of Palu on Saturday as more aid rolled in and the government said it was considering making devastated areas into mass graves.

When Disaster Nears, What Happens to Your Pets?

Imagine your home has been ravaged by a flood, hurricane or other disaster. Imagine you are separated from loved ones, living in a strange place, wrenched from your routines and uncertain about your future. That scenario could apply to any number of people displaced by disasters. But it also could apply to their pets.

Four Fire Agencies Surrounding Santa Rosa Seek to Consolidate After October Inferno

Four central Sonoma County fire agencies aim to join forces within months as one huge fire district -- a shift fast-tracked by the October fires and the most visible progress in a years-long effort to streamline the county's outdated, uneven and financially struggling fire services network.

Staying Safe after a Flood: Special Considerations for Hurricane Florence

Experiencing a storm like Hurricane Florence is stressful. Flooding also poses health dangers that you may not see on the surface.

Man Puts Toddler In Trunk, Tells Police He Was Conducting Social Experiment In Hopes Of Becoming 'Internet Sensation'

A man told police he was hoping to become "an internet sensation" when he put a toddler in a car trunk and closed it while in the parking lot.

More Than 1 Million Homes Planned For High-Risk Fire Areas In California. Should They Be Built?

In Sonoma County, where the Tubbs Fire destroyed more than 5,600 structures and killed 22, officials with the county and the city of Santa Rosa have begun streamlining the permit process for those seeking to rebuild homes destroyed in the blaze.