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Some Coronavirus Reopenings Delayed Because Of Protests; Chicago, Philadelphia Reconsider

The nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd have delayed the reopenings of places shut down by coronavirus fears—from Miami beaches to Minnesota’s Mall of America.

Unemployment, isolation and depression from COVID-19 may cause more 'deaths of despair'

Pressure is now piling on top of the toll of an unprecedented pandemic that had already upended life in the United States.

Louisville police and soldiers return fire, killing man

Kentucky's governor on Monday called for the release of police video from a deadly shooting in Louisville that took place while police officers and National Guard soldiers were enforcing a curfew.

An Epidemic Simulation At The U.S. Naval War College Provides Lessons For The Coronavirus Pandemic

In 2019, Benjamin Davies designed a simulated epidemic, and the results provide insight into what’s going wrong in the response to COVID-19.

The Most Stressful Job In The World? What it’s Really Like To Be An Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers train for many years to qualify for the job, and only around 1% of applicants make it through to qualify.

Zookeeper critically mauled by 2 lions at shut Australia zoo

Two lions mauled and critically injured a zookeeper inside their enclosure Friday at a closed Australian zoo.

Luxembourg starts to test its entire population for virus

Luxembourg started a coronavirus testing program Wednesday to check each and every one of its roughly 600,000 people, as well as cross-border workers, over the next nine weeks.

Why COVID-19 Is So Dangerous for All Nursing Homes

COVID 19 in nursing homes: What makes residents of nursing homes in the U.S. and around the world so susceptible to the coronavirus?

Court: Mental provider not liable in Florida school shooting

A mental health provider cannot be held liable for the actions of a man accused of a 2018 Florida high school massacre, an appeals court ruled Wednesday.

Be Wary of the Effects of 'Quarantine 15' on Your Waistline

A Mayo Clinic study has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity.