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Federal Programs Improve Women and Children's Healthcare

There are federal programs that serve U.S. women and children by reducing healthcare disparities and the incidence of morbidity and mortality.

President Trump’s Executive Order on EMP Preparedness: Why It's Huge

The United States is not ready to handle an EMP event. President Trump’s executive order is a good first action toward EMP preparedness.

Recovery, Readiness Still 'Continuous Situation', Says Top FEMA Official

While the Federal Emergency Management Agency has a larger, permanent footprint in the Virgin Islands since hurricanes Irma and Maria, readiness for the upcoming hurricane season remains a work in progress and by no means a certainty.

How 1911's Triangle Fire Changed US Safety Laws

By the end of World War II, laws were in place that now help to prevent atrocities like the Triangle Fire from happening again.

Baltimore Fire Department using overtime to fill nearly one-third of shifts amid daily staffing shortages

The Baltimore City Fire Department is paying overtime to fill nearly a third of its firefighter and medic shifts every day, blowing through its overtime budget.

Four Lessons From 'Bomb Cyclone' Flooding In The Great Plains

The “bomb cyclone” dominated headlines last week, but the flooding it caused in the U.S. Great Plains did not initially. Four lessons have emerged.

Storms, Floods In Sicily Kill At Least 12 People; 2 Missing

Storm-related floods killed at least 12 people in Sicily – including nine members of two families who were spending a long weekend together.

Hurricane Michael: 'Potentially Catastrophic' Storm Begins Battering Florida

Hurricane Michael roared closer to the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday after intensifying into a Category 4 storm, gaining strength just hours before it was poised to make landfall in the afternoon as the strongest hurricane on record to strike the region.

Health Professionals: Get Your Flu Shot Soon

Getting a flu shot this season should be high on everyone's priority list before influenza takes its grip on all age groups, medical professionals say.

Michael Strengthens to a Hurricane and is Forecast to Make Landfall in Florida as a 'Dangerous' Category 3 Midweek

It will likely be the area's strongest hurricane in thirteen years. The NWS is also warning that a life-threatening storm surge is possible along portions of the Florida Gulf Coast.