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Israeli racewalker recalls surviving 1972 Munich massacre

Munich Olympics Massacre: Eleven Israelis – five athletes and six coaches – were killed during a botched rescue attempt at a German airfield.

Monsoon flood, mudslide kill 15 in India, disaster team sent

A mudslide triggered by heavy monsoon rain and flooding killed at least 15 people and buried 20 homes of tea plantation workers in southern India on Friday, police said.

Protesters rally in Portland as mayor decries violence

Violent clashes this week between protesters and police in Portland, Oregon, have ratcheted up tensions in the city days after an agreement between state and federal officials appeared to bring calm.

Death toll rises, mass power outages after storm destruction

At least eight people were killed as Tropical Storm Isaias battered the U.S. East Coast with rain and fierce winds after making landfall as a hurricane in North Carolina.

Vehicle malfunction sparked Southern California wildfire

A wildfire in mountains east of Los Angeles that has forced thousands of people from their homes was sparked by a malfunctioning diesel vehicle, fire officials said Monday.

Why Officers Must be Trained to Stay 'Left of Bang'

Addressing the mental health of law enforcement officers and finding ways to help them cope with stress and trauma must be a priority for agencies across the country.

Reopening Strategies Require More than Temperature Checks

Clear and defined methods of COVID-19 detection are needed to effectively identify people who may be infected with coronavirus and prevent its spread.

Summer road trip? Quarantines are crimping some US travelers

The number of states with quarantines is growing as governors move to protect residents amid flareups in places such as Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Florida halts COVID-19 testing as it prepares for hurricane

Hurricane Isaias’ imminent arrival forced the closure of some outdoor coronavirus testing sites Friday even as Florida reached a new daily high in deaths.

Major League Baseball’s Pandemic Strategy Proves That A Non-Bubble Can Indeed Burst

Major League Baseball’s strategy (or lack thereof) to contest a season in the face of a global pandemic is proof positive that a non-bubble can indeed burst.