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Is Restructuring The Only Future For PG&E?

As record wildfires in California become the new normal, the crisis continues to deepen for Pacific Gas and Electric (NYSE: PCG). Amid rolling blackouts and an offer to distribute $13.5 billion in compensation to wildfire victims, the company’s stocks are down 60% in the past three months.

U.S. House passes legislation to address PFAS chemical contamination

The U.S. House on passed Friday a sweeping package of measures that would establish federal regulations for toxic, persistent chemicals known as PFAS and compel cleanup of contaminated areas.

Puerto Ricans settle in quake shelters, refuse to go home

A new community has popped up in this earthquake-damaged town in southwest Puerto Rico: it houses 300 people, a dozen police officers and one macaw.

Some in path of Australian wildfires refuse to leave

Evan Harris said police and fire crews told him he should leave his cottage because of the threat posed by Australia’s wildfires, but he told them he wasn’t going anywhere.

Firefighters Must Remain Hydrated to Successfully Battle Wildfires

Firefighters must stay hydrated if they are to be effective. Hydration can mean the difference between life and death. Even mild dehydration can impair simple cognitive function.

Arctic Blast Spreads Shivers from Maine to Deep South

An arctic blast that sent shivers across the Midwest spread to the eastern U.S. on Wednesday, with bitter weather establishing new records from Mississippi to Maine.

Everything You Hear About Billion-Dollar Disasters Is Wrong

So how might NOAA improve its economic loss record for U.S. disasters? The answer is simple: Do away with the billion-dollar threshold and look at the entire record of losses.

Walmart Pulls Violent Game Displays; No Change On Gun Sales

Walmart is removing from its stores nationwide signs, displays or videos that depict violence following a mass shooting at one of its stores in Texas, though it has not changed its policy on gun sales.

Honey Bees: A Critical Component of Our Agriculture System

Honey bees are so important to agriculture that they are often trucked around the country. However, bee colonies are dying in large numbers.

3 Killed As Cliff Collapses On Popular California Beach

Three people were killed and two more injured after a cliff collapsed onto a popular Southern California beach Friday, authorities said.