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Hurricane Florence, 'Just A Cat 1,' Reveals Flaw With Saffir-Simpson Scale

Florence was a category 1 storm when it made landfall. But no one in the Carolinas today thinks of Florence as a 'small hurricane' — or as 'just a 1.'

Dam Breach Reported At Former N.C. Coal Plant, Raising Fears That Toxic Coal Ash May Pollute Cape Fear River

Floodwaters breached a dam near a Duke Energy power plant, raising fears that toxic coal ash could reach the nearby Cape Fear River.

NASA Satellite Launched To Measure Earth's Ice Changes

A NASA satellite designed to precisely measure changes in Earth's ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation was launched into polar orbit from California.

Investigator: No Evidence Gas Explosions Intentional

There's no evidence to suggest the gas explosions that rocked communities north of Boston were intentional, a federal investigator said Saturday.

Police: Man dies after shark attack off Cape Cod

A man was bitten by a shark in the water off a Cape Cod beach and died later, becoming the state's first shark attack fatality in more than 80 years.

Florence Rolls Ashore In Carolinas, Tears Buildings Apart

Hurricane Florence came ashore in North Carolina with 90 mph winds and terrifying storm surge early Friday, ripping apart buildings and knocking out power.

White House Defends Trump On Puerto Rico Death Toll Claim

Trump angrily disputed the official death toll from Hurricane Maria and accused Democrats of inflating the count to make him "look as bad as possible."

Officials Work To Pinpoint Cause Of 'Armageddon'-Like Blasts

Investigators seek the cause of the gas explosions that killed a teenager, injured at least 10 others and left dozens of homes in smoldering ruins.

Maui Hit With Heavy Rain As Olivia Bears Down On Hawaii

Maui was hit with torrential rain and powerful winds Wednesday as a gradually weakening Tropical Storm Olivia neared Hawaii.

Hurricane Florence Now A Category Four Monster Approaching The U.S.

Hurricane Florence began to rapidly intensify early Monday, becoming a major category three hurricane and then a category four storm just a few hours later.