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The Real Science Behind The Unreal Predictions Of Major Earthquakes In 2018

There are rumors that "swarms of devastating earthquakes" will rock the planet next year thanks to a slowdown of the Earth's rotation. But, wait...

Neighbors Help During Massive Senior Living Center Fire

Dozens of neighbors rushed to the scene of a massive late-night fire that injured at least 20 people at a Pennsylvania senior living community.

Hurricane Recovery Expo: Better Preparation Means Less Recovery

Those who live in hurricane-hardened houses that are not in mandatory evacuation zones can stay put. Others might have to choose whether to evacuate.

Flash Floods On Athens Outskirts Leave At Least 14 Dead

Flash floods turned roads into raging torrents of mud and debris on the fringes of Greece's capital Wednesday, killing at least 14 people.

The Latest: Police: Escaped Mental Patient Is In California

Police say a dangerous man who escaped from Hawaii's psychiatric hospital is believed to be in Northern California and is considered extremely dangerous.

California Gunman Who Killed 4, Wounded 10 Was Out On Bail

Kevin Neal (out on bail for another violent crime) was free to use a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns Tuesday to shoot 14 people, killing four.

Fire-Ravaged California City Turns to Hockey for Respite

For one Sunday, the fires that staggered this small city and wiped out thousands of homes were an afterthought at Snoopy's Home Ice In Northern California.

A Massive Storm Flooded Houston. Experts Say California’s State Capital Could Be Next.

Even living here on the West Coast, Marion Townsend decided to act as floods ravaged Texas and hurricanes pounded the Caribbean in recent weeks.

Northern California May Need Years to Recover from Wildfires

It will take at least months and likely years to fully recover from devastating wildfires that ripped through Northern California earlier this month, destroying at least 8,900 structures and killing 42 people, Sonoma County officials said Saturday.

Trump Calls For Liberation From ‘Scourge’ Of Drug Addiction

President Donald Trump has pledged that "we will overcome addiction in America," declaring opioid abuse a national public health emergency and announcing new steps to combat what he described as the worst drug crisis in U.S. history.