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Nursing Homes Need Novel Solutions to Deal with Hurricanes

It is incumbent upon nursing homes to provide a safe and secure living environment for their residents, even during hurricanes.

New York Moves To Enact Statewide Flavored E-Cig Ban

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing to enact a statewide ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes amid growing health concerns connected to vaping.

As Shock Wears Off, Mental Health Concerns Grow In Bahamas

Bahamas: Mental health counselors are now fanning out into communities to help those traumatized by the direct hit of Hurricane Dorian.

FEMA Officials, Contractor Accused Of Hurricane Relief Fraud

Federal authorities said they have arrested two former FEMA officials and the former president of a major disaster relief contractor.

18 Years Later, America Vows To 'Never Forget' 9/11

People who were too young on 9/11 to even remember their lost loved ones, and others for whom the grief is still raw, paid tribute.

Juul Warned Over Claims Its E-Cigarette Safer Than Smoking

Federal health authorities blasted vaping giant Juul for illegally pitching its electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking and ordered the company to stop making unproven claims for its products.

Man Streams Chase Before Minnesota Police Fatally Shoot Him

Police near Minneapolis shot and killed a driver following a chase after he apparently emerged from his car holding a knife and refused their commands to drop it.

Why Schools Should End Active Shooter Drills Immediately

96% of America’s schools conduct lockdown drills meant to protect students from active shooters. These are required by state or local law in most cases.

Aid Effort Picks Up Momentum As Some Bahamians Seek Way Out

Hundreds of people gathered at the port in Grand Abaco Friday hoping to escape a Bahamian island devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

In the Wake of Hurricane Dorian the Bahamas Face Public Health Challenges

In the aftermath of Dorian the short-term objectives include search and rescue operations and getting emergency supplies to those in need. United Nations officials estimate that over 60,000 people on the two most affected islands have an immediate need for food and access to clean water.