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Broken Pipe Puts Much Of A City Under Boil-Water Advisory

A water line broke in one of Ohio's largest cities Thursday, forcing some 100,000 customers to boil their water, closing schools and disrupting diners' Valentine's Day plans.

Flu Vaccine Doing A Relatively Good Job This Season

The flu vaccine is doing a relatively good job this season, protecting about half the people who got it, U.S. health officials said Thursday.

More Rain, Snow Expected In Already Soaked California

Mudslides are still possible Friday even after a damaging storm moved through California, trapping people in floodwaters and triggering a debris flow that destroyed homes.

Families To Quietly Remember On School Massacre Anniversary

The communities and families terrorized by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre will spend Thursday's anniversary visiting graves, packing meals for the needy and contributing to other service projects.

The Challenges In Bringing An Anti-Aging Pill To Market

There has been a recent surge in activity in biotech companies looking for a ”fountain of youth” pill – to expand one's lifespan.

Before Amazon Drops Packages On Your House From The Air, Drones May Start To Transform Air Cargo

Air drones may soon transport disaster relief supplies and serve islands and remote areas around the globe where road networks are sparse.

Some Washington Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce New Gun Laws

Sheriffs in a dozen Washington counties say they won't enforce the state's sweeping new restrictions on semi-automatic rifles until the courts decide whether they are constitutional.

Snowstorm Buries Pacific Northwest, With More On The Way

Residents of the Pacific Northwest took to neighborhood hills with skis, sleds or even just laundry baskets Saturday to celebrate an unusual dump of snow in a region more accustomed to winter rain.

A 'Mass Invasion' Of Polar Bears Is Terrorizing An Island Town. Climate Change Is To Blame.

Polar bears have tried to enter homes and office buildings; they've chased residents and engaged in other aggressive behavior.

Apartment Inferno Kills 10; Deadliest Paris Fire Since 2005

Paris' deadliest fire in over a decade killed at least 10 people Tuesday as flames engulfed a nine-story apartment building, sending residents to the roof and clambering across balconies to escape.