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Glynn Cosker is a writer and editor, currently based in New England. He is the Managing Editor of EDM Digest. Glynn has more than 20 years of writing experience, and he’s the Managing Editor of EDM Digest's sister blog site: In Homeland Security. Born and raised in the U.K., he began his career in government and spent 12 years working in the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Washington – attaining the rank of Vice Consul in the late 1990s. Glynn and his family live in New England.

Type 2 Diabetes: Widespread But Controllable

Type 2 diabetes often goes undetected because there are no immediate symptoms. Patients are often diagnosed due to increased blood glucose level results.

New York City Ponders Pilot Program to Charge Electric Vehicles at City Streetlamps

New York City is piloting a new system that enables electric vehicle drivers to charge their cars etc., by plugging them into a lamppost.

Cal Fire Says Mendocino Complex Ranch Fire Is 83 Percent Contained

Firefighters “continue to make good progress” extinguishing the Ranch Fire, the last of California’s two Mendocino Complex wildfires.

Stay Ticked Off: Let's Talk about Lyme Disease and How to Prevent It

Preventing tick bites is the best way to protect against Lyme disease. Three-quarters of all disease cases are acquired during activities around the home.

Bridge Collapse in Italy is a Painful Reminder of the Need for Effective Mitigation Strategies

Italy bridge horror: Structural collapses are one of the many reasons why mitigation strategies are an important component of emergency management.

Mendocino Complex Fire Becomes Largest Wildfire in California History

The Mendocino Complex Fire in northern California has officially become the largest wildfire in the state's history.

Community Paramedicine Could Ease the Opioid Epidemic

If community paramedicine is widely used to monitor addicts at home, it may prove to be a tremendous asset in breaking the opioid epidemic cycle.

Islands are disappearing worldwide. But a new one has formed from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano.

A small new world has materialized in Hawaii: The 20-by-30-foot tiny island is untouched and unlike just about anywhere else on Earth.

FEMA Admits Failures In Puerto Rico Disaster Response, In After-Action Report

Report states FEMA experienced personnel shortages and other major problems while responding to Hurricane Maria's devastation in Puerto Rico last September.

Property Losses from Kilauea Eruptions Climb to More than 600 Homes

Officials in Hawaii now put the latest estimate of property losses from the Kilauea volcano eruptions at more than 600 homes destroyed.