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Dr. Randall Cuthbert is a retired APUS Professor of Emergency & Disaster Management. He has also worked as a Red Cross Shelter Supervisor, and spent a 20-year career as a US Air Force Civil Engineer Officer. His blogging interests include: protecting & enhancing the EDM profession in the areas of integrity, honorable public service, and social justice; education regarding the 'big picture' role of EDM in our society; educating our professionals and neighbors with regard to the greatest threat to our civilization--climate change; and in general terms, creating a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Veterans for Standing Rock

We are one country. Americans have a long and honorable history of peaceful protests against unjust action.

About California's Dead Trees

There are now more than 100 million dead trees in California. Think the Tennessee fires are tragic? Yes, they are--but most likely, we haven't seen anything yet.

The EDM Professionals' Civil War?

From time to time, it is up to our own moral compasses to ensure we do the right thing.

Let's Protect the First Amendment, Too

How you respond will define you, your legacy, and our civilization. Make the right choices.

Kids Rule! (And That's a Good Thing)

We haven't done well in assuring our children a better future. So the children are taking matters into their own hands. Bravo to them!!

Elections Have Consequences

Reaction to the political election has been swift and passionate. Some reactions have been in accordance with our laws, some have not.

Solar Panels for All!

We can all now choose to power our homes with clean solar energy--no muss, no fuss. Here's how to do it.

Do You Melt Arctic Sea Ice?

You--yes, you--melt arctic sea ice through your everyday activities. Here's a calculation that shows how much, and what to do about it.

Some Awesome Renewable Energy Ideas

Your community can develop renewable energy, build resiliency, and build a greater future for our children in the process.

Avoiding Civil War--Our Choice

Our society is exhibiting signs of approaching a state of civil war. It's up to us to shut that possibility down.