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Dr. Hanifen serves as a shift commander at a medium-sized suburban fire department in the northern part of the Cincinnati area. Randall is the CEO/principal consultant of an emergency services consulting firm, providing analysis and solutions related to organizational structuring of fire and EMS organizations. He is the chairperson and operations manager for a county technical rescue team. from a state and national perspective, he serves as a taskforce leader for one of FEMA's urban search and rescue teams, which responds to presidential declared disasters. From an academic standpoint, Randall has a bachelor’s degree in fire administration, a master’s degree in executive fire service leadership, and a doctoral degree in business administration with a specialization in homeland security. He is the associate author of “Disaster Planning and Control” (Penwell, 2009), which provides first responders with guidance through all types of disasters.

Emergency Services: The Best Strategic Planning Tactics (Part 1)

Many emergency service organizations have no formalized plan for where their organization plans to be in five years. My belief is that the idea of strategic planning scares most organizations.

Hurricane Laura and the Costs of Disaster Response

We always deploy resources to respond to disasters like Hurricane Laura. But deploying resources needs buy-in from many agencies to work effectively.

COVID-19: Will This Be the Public Health’s 9/11?

Prior to 9/11, many fire departments were very independent. Many established and administered command of a scene differently.

Successful Fire Response: What Should Be the Benchmark?

Some people state that we have a successful fire response if no firefighters are hurt and even use this benchmark as their track record. Others become irate, stating that the fact no firefighters are hurt in an incident is a given, not a measure of success.

Dispatch Centers: Key to the Success of 911 Responders

Public safety organizations need to work with their dispatch centers to identify the proper information that needs to be relayed upon dispatch.

Can Emergency Management Utilize Work from Home Employees?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many changes to emergency management and services, but it has also revealed new opportunities.

Handling the Future Outcome of the Coronavirus Pandemic

While some pockets of the United States have noted increased cases of coronavirus infection, much of the anticipated spikes in cases and the EMS calls that were supposed to happen have not.

Leadership during COVID-19: Plans and Communication

COVID-19: As leaders during this global pandemic, we must properly manage two main areas in our organizations: planning and communication.

The Qualities of Outstanding First Responder Candidates

What are the biggest qualities you should look for in a first responder candidate? Hiring a outstanding first responder starts with aligned values.

The Need for Fire Service Education and Associations

Joining the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) was one of the best actions of my career. If you want to be a fire chief, you should surround yourself with fire chiefs.