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Dr. Hanifen serves as a shift commander at a medium-sized suburban fire department in the northern part of the Cincinnati area. Randall is the CEO/principal consultant of an emergency services consulting firm, providing analysis and solutions related to organizational structuring of fire and EMS organizations. He is the chairperson and operations manager for a county technical rescue team. from a state and national perspective, he serves as a taskforce leader for one of FEMA's urban search and rescue teams, which responds to presidential declared disasters. From an academic standpoint, Randall has a bachelor’s degree in fire administration, a master’s degree in executive fire service leadership, and a doctoral degree in business administration with a specialization in homeland security. He is the associate author of “Disaster Planning and Control” (Penwell, 2009), which provides first responders with guidance through all types of disasters.

Responding to the Growing Number of Hate Crimes

Once key targets for hate crimes are identified, first responders should ensure that their incident plans are current.

Other Countries' Examples Serve as Inspiration for Improving First Response to Terrorist Events

Terror events: We should take advantage of globalization and look beyond our national borders to learn from first responder services in other countries.

Community Safety Precautions: Acquiring New Ideas as You're Traveling

Take some of your vacation time to observe local safety precautions and gain new ideas about increasing community safety from wherever you visit.

Fire Stations Should Match the Needs of the Community

While it may seem that all we need to do is map out the station location and measure the percentage of the city that the station 4 and 8 minute zones would cover, there are many more issues that are intertwined with the number and location of stations. Some of the issues that are intertwined are budget, staffing, apparatus, and hazard analysis.

Giving Back to the Fire Service: What Will Be Your Legacy?

Proper planning is the only way to ensure that our profession moves forward and to create a more successful transition to our eventual retirement.

When Is the Right Time in a Firefighting Career to Become an Educator?

Having related experience and a training background is key to teaching. A company officer requires experience and training before becoming an educator.

Leadership: If You Are Out Front, You Will Be Shot At Often

Leadership looks like a great place to be in, you are always making changes and getting recognition. This is what appears to the novice who wants to be a leader, but in reality, this position is often lonely and filled with negativity and confrontation.

Preparing for Major Disasters Calls for Logistics and Careful Responses

Disasters occur quickly and significantly alter local emergency services’ planning, response and recovery actions. Is your local EDM organization ready?

How Much Decision Accuracy and Data Collection Is Too Much for First Responders?

Today, we want to run first responder organizations like businesses. But how much accuracy in data-driven decisions and data collection is sufficient?

Emergency Services: How Much Equipment Is Enough?

There will always be a battle over the amount of protection a community requires. So it is important that public safety leaders have a good grasp of the standards and hazards in their area.