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Video Catches Moment When Alabama Kidnap Victim Leaps from Car


By Glynn Cosker
Managing Editor, EDM Digest

The harrowing video below - courtesy of ABC News - shows how a brave woman escaped her alleged kidnapper by leaping from the trunk of her abductor's moving car as it was pulling out of an Alabama gas station.

The victim told local law enforcement that she'd been approached by a man in Birmingham on Mar. 14; the man brandished a handgun and demanded that the woman hand over any cash she had on her person. After stating that she had no money, the women was allegedly forced at gunpoint into the trunk of the man's black Nissan Altima.

Birmingham police Sgt. Bryan Shelton told NBC that the suspect drove “to multiple unknown locations” with the woman still in the vehicle's trunk, allegedly using her debit card to withdraw money from various ATMs.

Later that same day, the suspect pulled up to a Gas Land station to utilize the ATM inside. Surveillance cameras at the gas station show the Altima parked near the front door to the convenience store. Those same cameras also captured the daring escape of the 25-year-old woman who jumped from the departing vehicle's trunk, landed on the concrete floor and sprinted into the store.

According to ABC News, the victim suffered only minor injuries - despite landing heavily and seemingly hitting her head on the pavement. The owner of the gas station immediately took charge of the situation by locking the front door, calling police and calming down the woman. He told police that the Altima's driver was acting suspiciously and was attempting to withdraw more money from the ATM than the bank was allowing.

Meanwhile, the alleged kidnapper is still at large; the black Nissan Altima was later found abandoned. Birmingham police are looking for the man pictured below.

Courtesy: Birmingham Police Department

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