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AMU Disaster Crew: Tweeting Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Tips

AMU Disaster Crew: Tweeting Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Tips

Start an Emergency & Disaster Management degree at American Military University.

By Glynn Cosker
Managing Editor, EDM Digest

On Aug. 30, American Military University (AMU) launched its new Twitter feed.

The AMU Disaster Crew page shares timely information on preparedness, recovery, response, resources – and a lot more – on all types of emergencies. The goal of the page is to help keep communities in the know before, during and after disaster situations.

The first event featured on the feed was Hurricane Dorian, which caused a path of destruction across the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm on September 1. The AMU Disaster Crew provided continuing coverage of Dorian as it made its way across the Caribbean before crashing into the east coast of the United States. AMU Disaster Crew gave people in the storm’s strike zone some valuable tips on how to prepare, and it plans to provide disaster management coverage well beyond Hurricane Dorian.

AMU Disaster Crew Emergency and Disaster Management Experts

In addition to its faculty members and marketing team, several of AMU’s emergency and disaster management experts administer AMU Disaster Crew's Twitter page, including Dr. Christopher Reynolds – Dean, Academic Outreach & Program Development and founder of EDM Digest. Dr. Reynolds has more than 35 years of experience in dealing with natural disasters, including the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. His emergency management experience also includes the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and hurricanes Andrew, Elena, and Opal – along with the Deepwater Horizon gulf oil spill.

"AMU Disaster Crew provides up-to-date and current information on disasters and emergencies from (and for) emergency managers and responders,” said Dr. Reynolds. “Providing real-time data and information gives emergency managers an extra planning dimension. From mutual aid and support, to changes in doctrine, AMU Disaster Crew is an emergency manager's one-stop shop for critical information."

AMU contacted more than 500 regional beat reporters from Florida to North Carolina – offering Dr. Reynolds an opportunity to discuss Hurricane Dorian and promote @AMUdisasterCREW. He spoke with Gordon Boyd on WFLA News Radio on September 3.

Dr. Reynolds also spoke with Ryan Gorman of PM Tampa Bay on the recovery phase of Hurricane Dorian.

Listen to "Operation Stormwatch - Emergency Management Expert Dr. Christopher Reynolds" on Spreaker.

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