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An Avalanche After A Rare Orange Snow Storm Was Caught On Camera

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It was a weird way to ring in spring across eastern Europe: with unusual orange-tinted snowfall that had weather watchers around the world doing double takes. Adding to the drama was a slow-motion avalanche in Russia that damaged and buried cars in a parking lot at the foot of the slide.

Note the darkish tint of the snow at the beginning of the above video, which caught the full avalanche down the slopes of 18,510 foot (5,642 m) Mt. Elbrus in Russia. Once the slide begins, you can see the dramatic difference between the rust-colored fluff and the bright white snow rushing down the slope towards unsuspecting vehicles at the bottom.

Here’s what it looked like from that parking lot:

Avalanches aren’t uncommon on the slopes of this huge mountain complex, and while this one was surely dramatic, most of the damage appears to have been done to those cars and there’s been no report of any serious injuries.

As for the orange-ish snow, it isn’t a sign of the apocalypse. Instead it can be blamed on sand and dust stirred by storms in the Sahara of north Africa. Those particles were then transported via wind to Europe and combined with snow in the atmosphere before falling to the ground with the snow that many reported as having a gritty feel to it.

A European Space Agency satellite captured this image of sand and dust blown from the Sahara to Europe.

The European Space Agency‘s Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite grabbed the above image of Libya that shows desert dust blowing across the Mediterranean Sea. “Dirty snow” was reported from Greece to Romania, Bulgaria and the ski slopes of the famed Sochi resort in Russia.

While orange snow is certainly rare, it is not unheard of. A similar event happened in Siberia when orange snow fell in 2007.

Looks like there’s more reason than ever not to eat the snow, kids.

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