Home Emergency Management News EDM Monday Briefing: Tornado Causes Widespread Damage in Dallas
EDM Monday Briefing: Tornado Causes Widespread Damage in Dallas

EDM Monday Briefing: Tornado Causes Widespread Damage in Dallas


Emergency and disaster management briefing for October 21, 2019: Multiple schools are closed and damage assessments continue after a late-evening tornado touched down in Dallas; a training accident at Fort Stewart in Georgia killed three soldiers and injured three others; first responders say extensive damage, along with gas and water leaks from the Dallas tornado, may result in a total loss of Walnut Hill Elementary School; North Carolina health officials announced that a fourth death associated with the Legionnaires' outbreak has occurred; a gold mine dam collapse in Siberia, Russia, has killed at least 15 workers, injured another 14 and left others missing; Tropical Storm Nestor spawned a string of tornadoes and caused widespread debris across Florida; explosives were used to topple cranes left hanging precariously after the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel collapse; and over 6,400 pounds of ready-to-eat Great Value pork and turkey sausage patties have been recalled over possible Salmonella contamination.

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1) At least six people were injured during a storm that spawned a tornado that touched down in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday evening, causing widespread damage and destruction to homes, businesses, and Fire-Rescue Station 41. The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed that the tornado touched down just north of Love Field Airport and moved northeast through the city. The destructive twister snapped trees and power lines, plunging at least 150,000 people into darkness. Due to the loss of power and extensive damage, multiple schools were also closed on Monday.

2) A training accident at Fort Stewart in Georgia on Sunday has left three soldiers dead and three others injured. According to reports, the six soldiers involved in the accident were part of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team and were on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle that was involved in an accident in the Fort Stewart Training Area. Three of the six soldiers were pronounced dead on the scene, and three were taken to the Winn Army Community Hospital for evaluation and treatment of their injuries.

3) Multiple schools were heavily damaged by the tornado that touched down in Dallas late Monday evening. Walnut Hill Elementary suffered extensive damage, and according to first responders, may be a total loss due to water and gas leaks inside the school. Significant damage occurred around Thomas Jefferson High School, destroying construction trailers and vehicles at the school and downing multiple large trees that completely blocked roads.

4) The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services revealed in an update on Friday that a fourth person has died in the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. The outbreak, which may be linked to a hot tub display at the N.C. Mountain State Fair in Fletcher in early September, sickened a total of nearly 150 people, including eight who contracted Pontiac fever, a lesser version of the disease. According to health officials, at least 94 of those who became infected ended up being hospitalized.

5) A dam collapse early Saturday morning at a gold mine in Russia has killed at least 15 people. Heavy rains prompted the collapse of the makeshift dam, which flooded dormitories where workers were sleeping. The flooding killed 15, injured at least 14 people and prompted the evacuation of at least 130 others. The incident occurred in Siberia, near the village of Shchetinkino. According to Russian officials, the makeshift dam was not registered for use, violating state standards.

6) Tropical Storm Nestor made landfall in St. Vincent, Florida, as a post-tropical cyclone with sustained winds of 45 mph, causing widespread debris and storm surge. The storm also spawned a string of tornadoes across Florida, including one in Seminole and another in Lee County. A National Weather Service (NWS) EF2-rated tornado also touched down in Hillsborough County and moved into Polk County, staying on the ground for about 45 minutes. Preliminary estimates show damage to around 50 homes.

7) Officials set off explosives on Sunday to topple two cranes that were left dangling precariously after a hotel under construction collapsed last week in New Orleans. Three people were killed in the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel, and authorities say that only one of the bodies has been recovered due to the dangerous conditions left after the collapse. The explosives were meant to fully topple the two cranes that weigh thousands of tons, but it appears that most of one crane is still dangling on top of the ruined building.

8) A recall has been issued for over 6,400 pounds of ready-to-eat pork and turkey sausage patty products marketed under the Great Value name. The ready-to-eat fully cooked sausage patty products are being recalled because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. They were produced on April 19, April 27, May 7 and May 9 of 2019, and were shipped to retail locations nationwide.


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