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Brussels remains in state of lockdown


Brussels, Belgium remained in a state of lockdown today in the aftermath of the Paris attacks from November 13, as authorities hunted Paris fugitive Salah Abdeslam and others thought to be associated wth the attacks.

Earlier today, Brussels maintained the highest possible alert level, essentially shutting down the city as the manhunt for people linked to the Paris terrorist attacks intensified.

Raids lead to arrests

Later in the day Sunday, Belgian Police arrested 16 in raids throughout the country. The raids - 22 in total - occurred in Brussels and also south of the city. Authorities are stating the purpose of the raids is to apprehend terrorists that may be planning a Paris-style attack in Brussels.

Main person of interest still at large

Despite the arrests in the recent raids, 26-year-old French national Salah Abdeslam - the main suspect in the Brussels manhunt - is still at large. Today Salah's brother, Mohamed Abdeslam, urged Salah to turn himself in and face jail rather than a grave. Mohammed came forward to speak to the media and said that he believes his brother to have been manipulated.

Brussels stays on maximum alert

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said today that the maximum terror threat level would remain in effect overnight for Brussels. That maximum level is a level 4 -- the rest of the country would stay one step lower at a threat level of 3. Brussels' subway system and schools within the city remain closed at this time.

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