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DOL Gives $15 Million in Aid to Flint for Recovery


Funds will assist with humanitarian, recovery initiatives

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) announced $15 million in aid to Flint, MI to help the ailing city recover from its ongoing drinking water crisis.

The funds will contribute to both humanitarian and recovery efforts in association with the contamination of the city water supply that exposed 6,000 to 12,000 children to drinking water with high levels of lead.

National Dislocated Worker Grant

The DOL aid comes as part of the National Dislocated Worker Grant program, which exists to provide "resources to respond to large, unexpected events causing significant job losses."

Half of the $15 million will be released at the onset to provide temporary employment in association with the recovery work, while additional funding can be added as the recovery efforts progress.

Approximately 400 temporary jobs

An estimated 400 temporary jobs will be created through this grant, the DOL said.

Temporary jobs will focus on humanitarian efforts like delivering water, lead-testing kits, and water filtration items to Flint residents. Other temporary employment opportunities will focus on the repair and replacement of damaged water lines, and other miscellaneous cleanup tasks.

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