Home Emergency Management News EDM Monday Briefing: Additional Produce Items Recalled Due To E. Coli Risk
EDM Monday Briefing: Additional Produce Items Recalled Due To E. Coli Risk

EDM Monday Briefing: Additional Produce Items Recalled Due To E. Coli Risk


Emergency and disaster management briefing for Dec.17, 2018: Additional produce is recalled amid a nationwide E. coli outbreak, authorities in Japan are investigating a devastating explosion that injured more than 40 people on Sunday, the death toll from the terrorist shooting attack at the Strasbourg Christmas market has now reached five, U.S. law enforcement agencies continue their investigation into the rash of bomb threats that were emailed to multiple locations across the nation and Canada last Thursday, the search for the cockpit voice recorder from the Lion Air Crash on October 29 is delayed due to bad weather, a bomb threat prompted the evacuation of the Sandy Hook School on the sixth anniversary of the deadly school shooting, authorities in Northern California are pursuing criminal charges for questionable social media posts made by a wildfire cleanup worker, and the K-9 officer shot Thursday during a traffic stop in Georgia is expected to make a full recovery.

  1. Authorities are investigating an explosion in Sapporo, a city in northern Japan, that occurred Sunday night at a bar. The blast injured more than 40 people, with one person reportedly being in critical condition, and caused a number of buildings to collapse. Firefighters worked to gain control of the fire, which media reports say may have been triggered by propane tanks.   
  2. A fifth victim has died following the terrorist attack at the Strasbourg Christmas market in France that occurred last Tuesday. The latest victim, Bartek Orent-Niedzielski, 36, from Katowice, Poland, was removed from life support by family on Sunday. A memorial was held Saturday to honor the victims, and more than 1,000 people attended the event, which took place in Kleber Square, a short distance from where the shooting attack occurred.  
  3. Authorities are investigating the rash of bomb threats that plagued cities across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand last Thursday. The threats were emailed to various government offices, businesses, and schools, demanding bitcoin payment, or an explosive device would be detonated. Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), dismissed them as not credible, but not before the threats prompted scattered evacuations at some schools and transit stations.   
  4. The search for the second black box from the Lion Air crash that killed 189 people when it crashed into the Java Sea on October 29, has been delayed due to bad weather. Weather conditions, including heavy rainfalls, have delayed the arrival of the specialized ship, MPV Everest, which is now due to the site on Wednesday, a potentially critical delay, since the cockpit voice recorder beacon only emits a signal for 90 days. The cost for the search is also being funded by Lion Air, which is unusual since it could compromise trust in any safety recommendations made as a result of the crash.  
  5. On the sixth anniversary of the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, a bomb threat prompted the evacuation of the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. The threatening phone call was received at the school around 9:00 a.m. on Friday, and caused the evacuation of about 400 people, and due to heightened anxiety, students were sent home and school was cancelled for the rest of the day. Police conducted a thorough investigation, however, no bomb was found at the location.  
  6. Adams Bros. Farming, Inc., in Santa Maria, California, named as at least one source of the E. coli outbreak in the Romaine lettuce recall, is now recalling additional produce. The company said it is recalling the following products out of an abundance of caution--red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, and cauliflower--harvested from November 27 to November 30. The produce being recalled was grown in specific fields, and to date, has not caused any illness nor tested positive for E. coli.  
  7. Criminal charges against a wildfire cleanup worker are being pursued by police in Northern California after the worker posted disturbing pictures of himself posing at destroyed properties on social media. Rob Freestone, who was employed at the time by Bigge Crane and Rigging, posted pictures with captions of himself posing in what authorities are calling "unacceptable and reprehensible" images, due to the crude comments and disturbing images. The company fired Freestone and two other individuals last month for their involvement in the incidents.   
  8. Indi, the police K-9 officer who was shot during a traffic stop confrontation that turned deadly for a new officer, Edgar Isidro Flores, 24, last Thursday, was released from the veterinary hospital on Saturday. Indi was shot in the head by the deceased gunman, Brandon Taylor, 33, after he shot and  killed Flores, when the K-9 tracked him down. Indi lost his right eye, but is expected to make a full recovery.  

Kimberly Arsenault Kimberly Arsenault serves as an intern at the Cleveland/Bradley County Emergency Management Agency where she works on plan revisions and special projects. Previously, Kimberly spent 15 years in commercial and business aviation. Her positions included station manager at the former Midwest Express Airlines, as well as corporate flight attendant, inflight manager, and charter flight coordinator. Kimberly currently holds a master's degree in emergency and disaster management from American Public University.