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EDM Wednesday Briefing: The Great Central US 'ShakeOut' Earthquake Drill Is Coming Soon


Emergency and disaster management briefing for October 17, 2018: A train derailment in Morocco killed 7 and injured nearly 80 people, heavy rainfall caused flooding that killed at least one in Texas and collapsed a bridge, the Texas governor declared a state of disaster for multiple counties due to flooding, the CDC confirmed 62 cases of a polio-like illness across 22 states, a sheriff's deputy was shot in Memphis, Tennessee early Wednesday morning, Wegmans recalls its store brand of hummus citing potential foreign matter in the product, a North Carolina state trooper was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop, and participation in the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut Earthquake Drill to be held on October 18 is meant to encourage preparedness and safety for families and communities.

  1. A train derailment on Tuesday close to the town of Sidi Bouknadel in Morocco, has killed at least seven individuals and injured nearly 80 people. The train was traveling from the capital city of Rabat to Kenitra, and was near Sale when the shuttle train that connects the two coastal towns suddenly jumped the tracks. First responders worked to free passengers from the twisted wreckage, and the injured--including the train conductor who sustained serious injuries--were transported to hospitals in Rabat, Sale, and Kenitra.  
  2. Recent persistent and heavy rainfall amounts in central Texas have killed at least one person and flooded the Llano and Colorado Rivers--which meet in Kingsland, Texas and are expected to crest at historic levels sometime Wednesday. Flooding across the region caused the FM 2900 bridge to collapse in Kingsland, flooded parts of Interstate 10 in Kimble County, forced widespread evacuations, closed portions of several lakes to recreation, and resulted in multiple water rescues across several counties. According to officials in Marble Falls, floodwaters were also overwhelming the city's wastewater plant, and residents were asked to limit activities including laundry, dishwashing, using the toilet, and showering.  
  3. Persistent rainfall has resulted in flooding in central Texas, which prompted Gov. Abbott to declare a state of disaster for 18 counties on Tuesday, and to ask residents to heed warnings from local emergency management officials. The declaration comes after at least one person died, a bridge collapsed, residents along rivers were forced to evacuate, and numerous water rescues were performed across the region. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued flash flood warnings through Wednesday night as rivers are expected to crest at historic flood levels.  
  4. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed 62 cases of a polio-like illness across 22 states, and is investigating a possible 65 additional cases, so far in 2018. The rare neurological disease, acute flaccid myelitis, also known as AFM, affects the nervous system--specifically the area of spinal cord called grey matter--and is more common in children under the age of 18. The disease affects less than one in a million people, and although its exact cause is unknown, the CDC noted it can occur as a result of a variety of viral infections, including West Nile Virus and enteroviruses. 
  5. A sheriff's deputy in Tennessee was in critical condition after being shot during an incident at an apartment complex in Shelby County early Wednesday morning. The Shelby County sheriff's deputy was outside the Eden at Watersedge Apartments in Memphis around 3:30 a.m. when shots were fired. The individual who allegedly fired at the deputy was shot and killed at the scene, and the deputy's condition has been upgraded from critical to non-critical condition.  
  6. Wegmans has recalled its store brand of hummus due to the possibility the product may contain pieces of black plastic. The retailer announced the recall Friday, noting that it was recalling both sizes of the product, its 8oz and 32 oz packages, which included a total of 3,944 units. The products were distributed and sold in 98 stores across five states, including Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania--and can be returned to the store for a full refund.  
  7. A traffic stop in North Carolina turned deadly for a state trooper who was shot and killed early Wednesday morning on a highway in Whiteville. According to reports, the suspect fire multiple shots at Trooper Kevin Conner while he was conducting a routine traffic stop just south of Whiteville on Highway 701 early Wednesday morning. The suspect was surrounded by multiple officers in a wooded area near Fair Bluff and was taken into custody around 4:00 a.m.  
  8. The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut Earthquake Drill will take place at 10:18 a.m. on October 18, 2018, and is being conducted across 13 states. The ShakeOut drill is being held to encourage preparedness efforts among residents, businesses, and communities for when big earthquakes strike. The drill provides an annual opportunity to practice: Drop, Cover, and Hold On! --an appropriate action to reduce injury and death during earthquakes, and information provided on the website, shakeout.org, helps explain why seeking shelter in doorways or running outside for safety can be extremely dangerous.  

Kimberly Arsenault Kimberly Arsenault serves as an intern at the Cleveland/Bradley County Emergency Management Agency where she works on plan revisions and special projects. Previously, Kimberly spent 15 years in commercial and business aviation. Her positions included station manager at the former Midwest Express Airlines, as well as corporate flight attendant, inflight manager, and charter flight coordinator. Kimberly currently holds a master's degree in emergency and disaster management from American Public University.