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EDM Monday Briefing: Mount Agung Erupts Causing Mass Evacuation


Emergency and disaster management briefing for November 27, 2017: Officials order massive evacuation and close the airport as Mount Agung erupts in Bali, a standoff ends with one man shot by police in California, officials in Southern California issue a no-burn alert due to air quality levels, U.S. Border agents thwart a smuggling attempt in Texas, scheduled repairs on the D.C. Metro spark long bus lines and frustrates commuters, Chicago assists Puerto Ricans fleeing the island after Hurricane Maria, a seven-year-old boy is dead after a pickup truck crashes into a California home, the search continues for a missing Argentinian Naval submarine, but little hope remains that the crew is still alive.

  1. Authorities in Bali have issued an evacuation order for anyone within 6 miles of Mount Agung on Monday, after the volcano began hurling white and gray ash nearly 10,000 feet in the air over the weekend. The evacuation order includes about 22 villages and almost 100,000 people, many who just returned home after the last evacuation order that was issued in September. The eruption has also forced the island's international airport to close, stranding at least 59,000 passengers due to canceled flights.
  2. After an hours-long standoff with police, a man who barricaded himself in his vehicle with a knife and his seven-month old daughter, was shot by police. According to reports, the man had his girlfriend and their daughter in his car at a park and he was threatening to injure his girlfriend and himself. It is unclear if drugs or alcohol played a part in the incident
  3. Unhealthy air quality in Los Angeles led officials to implement a 24-hour ban on lighting wood-burning fires beginning on Monday. The ban applies to indoor and outdoor devices, including backyard fire pits, residential fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves. No-burn alerts are issued by South Coast Air Quality Management District from November 1 through the end of February, when air quality levels exceed 30 micrograms per cubic meter, the amount defined as an unhealthy level.
  4. Last week, individuals attempting to smuggle three undocumented aliens via private aircraft at the Edinburg International Airport in Texas, were intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations agents. The agents performed a documentation and immigration check on the pilots, discovering the illegal individuals. A total of five arrests were made, the two pilots and the three undocumented individuals, and the private twin-engine aircraft, a Beechcraft King Air 200, was seized. It was the second smuggling attempt in the Rio Grande Valley that week
  5. Ongoing capital repairs to the Metro in Washington, DC have created additional headaches for commuters after part of the Red Line was shut down Saturday for major repairs. The shutdown was announced over recent weeks, but lines of people waiting for public bus service on Monday stretched for several blocks outside the Silver Spring station. The repairs are scheduled to be completed on December 10.
  6. To assist thousands of residents fleeing Puerto Rico and arriving in Chicago, the city's public schools have relaxed enrollment requirements to help students return to classes. The city, along with local students, has provided assistance to families moving into the area, including organizing food drives and donations, and provided books and clothing. The local hurricane relief center, established to assist displaced families from Puerto Rico, is now helping anywhere from 12-15 families per day, a number that has doubled in recent weeks. 
  7. Two people are dead, including an 11-year-old boy, after a pickup truck crashed into the bedroom of a California home. Police are investigating the incident that involved a single male driver, whom they believed suffered a seizure before hitting a mailbox and a propane tank, and then went airborne, landing in the bedroom of the two brothers. One brother was killed and the other suffered varying injuries and was transported to a local hospital. The driver of the pickup truck was also killed in the incident.  
  8. The search for a missing Argentinian Naval submarine continues, although little hope is left that the the crew of the submarine will be found alive. According to reports, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) detected an explosion of some type near the last known location of the sub on November 15. The non-nuclear, singular, short, and violent noise was detected by underwater microphones in use by the CTBTO to monitor nuclear testing compliance.

Kimberly Arsenault Kimberly Arsenault serves as an intern at the Cleveland/Bradley County Emergency Management Agency where she works on plan revisions and special projects. Previously, Kimberly spent 15 years in commercial and business aviation. Her positions included station manager at the former Midwest Express Airlines, as well as corporate flight attendant, inflight manager, and charter flight coordinator. Kimberly currently holds a master's degree in emergency and disaster management from American Public University.