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EDM Friday Briefing: Heat Dome, Zika Virus, ISIS in Brazil, Nice


Emergency and disaster management briefing for July 22, 2016: Much of the U.S. continues to sit under a heat dome that is causing extreme heat, a new Zika infection confuses medical experts, Brazil arrests ISIS sympathizers, French authorities determine that the Nice attack was likely planned well in advance, and one publication maps out the world's "depressing state of emergency."

  1. As the current heat wave sweeps across the U.S. and average temperatures in many regions sit at historic highs, the White House issued a warning to prepare for extreme heat and included advice on making proper preparations for dealing with heat wave. The lingering heat wave in the U.S. has experts talking about the phenomenon known as a heat dome to explain the extremely harsh conditions.
  2. The massive U.S. heat alert grew to now include parts of at least 21 states, as a heat dome is expected to continue to hover over the nation throughout the weekend. Temperatures as high as 115 degrees are expected to hit some regions. The dome is expected to remain above the central U.S. today and then expand toward the Northeast and mid-Atlantic into the weekend.
  3. A new case of Zika virus in Utah has medical experts stumped in that they cannot determine how the patient acquired the virus. Currently, the only known forms of transmission for Zika are by mosquito bites, or sexual contact with an infected person. The infected individual in this case did not travel to a Zika-affected country or have sexual contact with someone who did, but did care for someone with Zika.
  4. In Florida, health officials are testing trapped mosquitoes in an area of Miami-Dade County to determine whether a local woman with the virus could be the first person infected directly by a mosquito bite in the continental U.S. And late yesterday, reports surfaced of a possible second non-travel-related case of Zika in the state. More than 1,300 Zika infections have been reported in the U.S. thus far, but as, of yet, none have been known to be transmitted via mosquito.
  5. Brazil authorities arrested 10 ISIS sympathizers and are holding them on terror charges with the Rio de Janeiro Olympics just weeks ago. All ten suspects are Brazil citizens and had allegedly attempted to buy weapons while plotting an unknown attack.
  6. French authorities said yesterday that they have determined that the Nice terror attack was planned in advance with accomplices. Five people have already been detained as suspected accomplices. On Wednesday, French lawmakers vote to extend the country's state of emergency in the wake of the Nice attack.
  7. We currently live in a depressing state of emergency, or at least so said Quartz in its visual coverage mapping states of emergency across the globe. The digital news outlet detailed the states of emergency in nations around the world, including the declarations in France, Venezuela, and Turkey.
  8. A major North American automaker recently launched a bug bounty program regarding vehicle cyber security. FCA US, a member of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) family of companies, announced the opening of a public program that offers financial rewards to hackers who locate and specify potential vehicle cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  9. With the U.S. still reeling from a series of police shootings across the nation, a North Miami police officer allegedly shot an unarmed black man yesterday. The man was reportedly a therapist trying to care for a man with autism. The officer reportedly said he was trying to shoot the white man (the one who appeared to be acting aggressively), but missed and accidentally struck the other man.
  10. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that federal Economic Injury Disaster Loans will be available to agricultural cooperatives, aquaculture businesses and other small businesses and private nonprofit organizations in Tennessee that have been affected by drought. The disaster declaration includes nine counties in the state.

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