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EDM Friday Briefing: North Korea Nuclear Test, Texas School Shooting, Hurricane Newton Remnants


Emergency and disaster briefing for September 9, 2016: North Korea confirms its fifth nuclear test, a high school shooting in Texas turns deadly, effects of Hurricane Newton may produce dangerous weather in the Midwest, police arrest a woman who started a fire on a JetBlue flight, firefighters work to contain the Gap fire in northern California, authorities foil a bomb plot in London, and forest fires in Portugal and Spain force evacuations.

  1. Yesterday, a 5.3-magnitude earthquake registered near the site where North Korea has conducted nuclear tests in the past. Immediately following the quake, the National Earthquake Information Center could not determine what type of explosion it may have been.
  2. North Korea confirmed that it conducted its fifth nuclear test. The test again violates international sanctions and has sparked global outrage. Many world leaders have already reacted with anger.
  3. A female student at Alpine High School in Texas shot a student and then fatally shot herself. The incident took another turn when numerous law enforcement officers responded and a U.S. marshal accidentally shot a Homeland Security agent. Neither the agent nor the student victim suffered life-threatening injuries.
  4. Concerns of dangerous weather are growing in the state of Michigan. After Hurricane Newton made landfall near Northwest Mexico Wednesday, high moisture content of the storm is expected to combine with a very strong upper level storm from the northwest. This storm is predicted to hit the southern Great Lakes area on Saturday.
  5. The Gap Fire in the Klamath National Forrest has now burned at least 30,969 acres. Officials advised that the blaze is 65 percent contained and lifted all evacuation orders. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
  6. London police said they foiled an ISIS-inspired bomb attack. Authorities arrested two brothers after they were caught trying acquire chemicals in order to construct an explosive device. Specific targets were not made clear but the brothers were thought to be planning to target random citizens.
  7. Thousands of firefighters are battling blazes in Spain and Portugal. The worst fire is burning in a major Natural Park, leaving livestock without food. At least 1,400 people have been temporarily evacuated. Authorities stated that the fires were intentionally set.
  8. Authorities detained seven women Thursday after a terrorism investigation found six gas canisters inside an abandoned car. The canisters were found near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Two injuries were reported; one of the suspects was injured and an officer suffered a stab wound.
  9. Police arrested a woman after she set fire to two blankets and a control panel on a on a JetBlue flight. Official identified the suspect as Idializ Gomez, who was departing New York to travel to Puerto Rico. The woman was charged with destruction of aircraft. The incident is still under investigation, but the woman faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.
  10. massive fire started at a Gap distribution center in Fishkill, NY this week. Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents responded to investigate the fire. The investigation pinpointed the origin and determined that the fire was incendiary in nature. More than 1,300 employees work at the center.

Anthony Hilderbrand Anthony Hilderbrand is currently a fire inspector and fire investigator for the Department of Defense. He spent the last eight years in the Air Force and held five distinctive positions within the fire service. During his tenure as an Airman he had three separate tours to the Middle East. With his Associates in Fire Science in hand, Anthony is currently enrolled at American Military University pursuing his Bachelor's in Fire Science Management.