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EDM Monday Briefing: CA Wildfires, U.S. Drought, Violence in Germany, Pokemon Go


Emergency and disaster management briefing for July 25, 2016: California battles multiple wildfires, drought conditions in the U.S. worsen, Germany reels from multiple violent incidents, Pokemon Go causes an uptick in emergency room visits, the Premier of Alberta calls for disaster assistance reform, and another shooting occurs at a Florida nightclub.

  1. A massive wildfire in Santa Clarita, CA left one person dead and at least 18 homes destroyed as it spread to more than 34 square miles. The fire has led to the evacuation of more than 1,500 residences, and was just 10 percent contained as of last night.
  2. About 300 northwest of Santa Clarita, another California wildfire, this one near Big Sur in Monterey County, grew to more than 10,000 acres yesterday. More than 1,650 structures are now reportedly threatened, and at least one person was reported injured. Mandatory evacuations began Friday night in the town of Palo Colorado and still remain in effect as firefighters battle to contain the blaze.
  3. U.S. drought conditions have worsened in recent months, and, looking ahead to the next few months and into October, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) of the National Weather Service (NWS) expects current drought conditions to either linger or escalate across much of the country. Most affected regions include the Northeast, Southeast, central Texas, the West, and the Intermountain West.
  4. A man carrying explosives in Ansbach, Germany killed himself and injured at least 10 others Sunday night. The incident was the the fourth violent incident in Germany in a week. On Friday in Munich a lone gunman killed nine, while earlier yesterday, a Syrian refugee killed a woman with a machete in southwestern Germany. And a week ago, at least 4 were injured in an axe attack on a train in the southern region of the country.
  5. The popularity of new app Pokémon Go is reportedly taxing emergency crews across the U.S. The director of an emergency room wing in Buffalo, NY Pokémon Go is at least partially to blame for a recent uptick in emergency room visits, and in New Jersey, first responders had to rescue a woman in stuck in a tree -- she ended up in the tree in a cemetery while playing the game.
  6. Rachel Notley,, the Premier of Alberta, Canada, is calling for changes to federal disaster assistance in Canada in the aftermath of the devastating Fort McMurray wildfire that was the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history. Notley says an overhaul is necessary, with changes needed in everything from compensation models to disaster prevention measures.
  7. A shooting at a nightclub in Fort Myers, FL early this morning left at least two dead and 17 wounded. Police detained three people for questioning, but few other details are known at this time. This shooting occurred just 43 days after a mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando left 49 people dead and at least 50 more wounded.
  8. India is aiming to have 40 percent of its power originating from renewable and clean energy sources by 2030, and is looking to add 100 GW of solar power by 2022. To make this 2022 goal possible, the World Bank Group will finance of up to $1 billion throughout 2017 — the largest amount ever provided to any country in support of solar power.
  9. The Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC), a trade group of auto industry giants, released its Automotive Cybersecurity Best Practices this month. The collaborative Best Practices offer in-depth cyber security guidance for vehicle manufacturers across seven different key topic areas.
  10. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin requested additional assistance from FEMA to help the state recover from recent devastating floods. Manchin asked FEMA to increase the fed's disaster recovery cost share from 75 percent of the total project cost to 90 percent. Overall damages are currently estimated at $200 million.

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