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EDM Monday Briefing: Landslide in China, School Closures in New Hampshire, Air France Flight Diverted


Emergency and disaster management Monday Briefing for December 21, 2015: Schools in Nashua, NH are closed today in response to a detailed threat of violence, a landslide in southern China leaves dozens missing, and an Air France flight is diverted after a bomb scare.

  1. Schools in Nashua, New Hampshire are closed today in response to a detailed threat of violence. The threat is aimed at two high schools but the closure will involve all public schools in Nashua: 12 elementary schools, three middle schools and the two high schools.
  2. At least 91 people are missing after a landslide buried 33 buildings in southern China. The landslide occurred in the city of Shenzhen, in Guangdong province. The landslide was reportedly caused by the collapse of a sodden mountain of dirt and construction debris in a quickly-constructed industrial area.
  3. An Air France jet made an emergency landing in Kenya yesterday after a suspicious device was discovered in its bathroom. Four people were detained in connection to the incident.
  4. Indonesian police arrested nine suspected terrorists who are reportedly linked to at least two terrorist networks. The arrests came as Indonesian authorities are on high alert for a terrorist attack over the Christmas and New Year holidays.
  5. California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in San Bernardino in response to the deadly terrorist shooting that resulted in 14 deaths. The declaration is meant to assist the county as it recovers from the mass shooting.
  6. At least one person is dead and dozens injured after woman deliberately drove her car onto a crowded sidewalk on the Las Vegas Strip last night. Authorities are terming the incident an intentional act, but not an act of terrorism.
  7. The attorney for a man fatally shot by a Chicago police officer released surveillance video of the shooting. Alfontish Cockerham was shot on June 20th by a police officer and died five days later from complications of multiple gunshot wounds.
  8. Protestors demanded the release of the Cockerham shooting video earlier last week, and now, after the release of the video, opinions differ whether the shooting was justified or not.
  9. In the wake of the series of mass shooting in the U.S. this year, Oregon lawmakers are ready to spend $1 million to revive a statewide tip line for reporting threats. Oregon dealt with a mass shooting on October 1, when a student fatally shot nine people at Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, OR.
  10. A new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released today found that more than half (28) of U.S. states have significant gaps in their ability to prevent and control infectious disease outbreaks. Twenty-eight states scored a five or lower out of 10 key indicators with seven states tied for the lowest score: Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah.

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