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EDM Saturday Briefing: San Bernardino Update, Bangladesh Bomb Blasts, Chennai Flooding Update


Emergency and Disaster Management Saturday Briefing for December 5, 2015: San Bernardino Update, Bangladesh Bomb Blasts, Chennai Flooding, Suspicious Boston Suitcase

San Bernardino Update:

As Community Mourns, Shooting Investigated As Act of Terrorism

While the community mourns the loss of fourteen people, the FBI has reported it is now investigating the San Bernardino case as terrorism, however ties to other groups have not yet been found.  The motive is still unclear, according to reports, and authorities continue to try to put all the pieces together.

Picture Released of Suspected Female Shooter

A photo has been released of the suspected female shooter, Tashfeen Malik, 27, who reportedly pledged allegiance to terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook under an alternate name on the day of the shooting.  Malik underwent national security and criminal background checks for the K-1 visa that allowed her to enter the country, and later, her green card.

Bomb Blasts Injure 6 in Bangladesh

A Hindu religious gathering was a recent target for violence today, when bomb blasts injured ten people, at least three of them critically.  According to reports, six of those injured were transported to Dinajpur Medical College and Hospital.  The temple's priest had recently received threats discouraging the organization of any religious gatherings.

 Chennai Flooding Causes More Deaths, But Power Coming Back

Authorities report that flood waters reached generators at a local hospital, cutting off the power, which then shut down ventilators connected to patients in the intensive care unit, resulting in the deaths of eighteen people.  That brings the death toll to more than 250 people as a result of the severe flooding over the past month.  According to reports, power is slowly being restored as flood waters began to recede on Friday.

Suspicious Suitcase Blown Up By Police

On Friday, a suspicious suitcase was seen being dropped off in close proximity to a U.S. Coast Guard facility in Boston.    The individual who reportedly dropped the suitcase quickly left the area, prompting officials to call local authorities.  The suitcase was blown up by police but reportedly had posed no threat.

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