Home Emergency Management News EDM Sunday Briefing: Mali, Spirit Airlines, Washington, Syria, Paris, Brussels

EDM Sunday Briefing: Mali, Spirit Airlines, Washington, Syria, Paris, Brussels


Hotel attacks in Mali

More than 20 people were killed in a hostage situation in Mali's capital on Friday. An Al Qaeda-linked extremist group claimed responsibility for the attacks, of which the New York Times said reversed gains in the fight against extremism. Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita vowed no surrender and the U.S. condemned the terrorist attack.

Myanmar landslide

A landslide in Myanmar killed at least 30 and left hundreds missing. The landslide occurred at a jade mine in Myanmar's northern Kachin State early Saturday. Death toll numbers have varied widely for this tragedy as authorities try to account for those missing.

Another Spirit Airlines flight diverted

A Spirit Airlines flight with more than ninety passengers was diverted back to Fort Lauderdale but what was first reported as a bomb threat is now being called a misunderstanding. This comes after four passengers were removed from a Spirit flight in Baltimore earlier in the week. Airplanes are frequently at the forefront of discussions regarding public safety and security, as all targets are not equal.

Refugee vetting process under scrutiny

The list of politicians questioning the refugee plan of President Obama continues to grow in recent days, while Ex-Homeland Security chiefs defend Obama's refugee vetting process. NPR detailed the current vetting process for Syrian Refugees, while TIME also dug deep on how the refugee screening process works, and Randall Cuthbert reminds us that the U.S. has a history of welcoming those who flee oppression.

Severe weather in Washington

Days of rain and severe storms in Washington state this week four dead and millions without power. The damage from storms was so severe that the state declared a state of emergency late Wednesday. As of yesterday, more than 60,000 remained without power in Spokane.

Paris Attacks Aftermath

French Police carried out 160 raids across the country in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks from November 13. Paris is hosting the U.N. climate summit starting November 30, leading some to question whether ISIS will derail these climate talks. France is reportedly stepping up security for the climate change conference. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is attempting to put the Paris attacks in perspective.

Brussels lockdown

Brussels, Belgium remains under its highest terrorism alert level that signifies a "serious and imminent" threat of attack. This highest alert level remains in place as authorities hunt for fugitive Salah Abdeslam. Abdeslam is wanted in connection to last week's Paris attacks.

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