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EDM Tuesday Briefing: Tornado Recovery, Flight Cancellations, State of Emergency in Multiple States


Emergency and disaster management Tuesday Briefing for December 29, 2015: Cleanup begins after a series of tornadoes bring destruction near Dallas, storms in the Midwest result in a high number of flight cancellations, and multiple states make state of emergency declarations.

  1. Residents and emergency crews near Dallas, TX began cleanup after the deadliest tornado system to hit the area in 88 years left at least 11 people dead and dozens more injured. The severe weather damaged as many as 1,000 homes and buildings in the region and left 50,000 without power at the height of the storm.
  2. Winter storms in the Midwest led to hundreds of flight cancellations on Monday, disrupting holiday travel across the country. As of late last night, the nationwide totals were up to 2,750 flights cancellations and 4,500 flight delays.
  3. The two main Chicago airports made up the bulk of the large flight cancellation numbers with more than 1,600 flight cancellations combined on Monday. O’Hare International Airport had more than 1,300 flights cancellations and Midway International Airport had more than 300 flight cancellations yesterday.
  4. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin extended a state of emergency for all 77 Oklahoma counties, as almost 200,000 homes were without power after severe storms hit the state this past weekend. This comes after state of emergency declarations in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas in recent days.
  5. In Cleveland, a grand jury declined to bring charges against the police officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice, a black youth who was brandishing a toy gun. Prosecutors for the case said that the toy gun held by Rice was 'functionally identical' to a real Colt M1911 gun.
  6. Following the grand jury decision in the Tamir Rice case, demonstrators marched in protest to the Cleveland First District police headquarters, and another group also marched in New York in protest of the decision.
  7. The Chicago Police Department is under fire yet again after the families of two black Chicagoans killed by police demand answers to what happened in the fatal incident. A civil lawsuit on the double shooting was already filed Monday but many details are still unknown at this point -- including whether or not any video footage of the incident exists.
  8. Southern California residents started to return home after firefighters contained a wildfire that burned more than 1,200 acres north of Ventura. Officials now worry, however, that landslides could occur if heavy rains hit the charred region.
  9. Winter Storm Goliath is forecasted to continue its destructive path into today, moving northeast and shifting gears to move into upstate New York and New England. The massive winter storm system is thought to be entering its final chapter and should bring a wintry mix into the Northeast that lingers into Tuesday night.

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