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EDM Tuesday Briefing: Winter Weather in the West, Typhoon Melor, Bering Sea Storm, Freddie Gray Case


Emergency and disaster management Tuesday Briefing for December 15, 2015: Winter weather hits Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado and other western states, Typhoon Melor hits the Philippines, a powerful Bering Sea storm mimics a hurricane, Baltimore braces for the first verdict in the Freddie Gray trials, and the 3-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting reignites debates.

  1. Various parts of the West experienced heavy snowfall and some are now bracing for freezing temperatures. Montana, Wyoming, Northern Arizona, Colorado and parts of California
  2. The wintry weather is expected to continue over the next few days, and winter storm warnings are already in place in Montana, Utah, Oregon, Colorado and Wyoming.
  3. Typhoon Melor touched down in the Philippines bringing heavy rain that could bring coastal floods of up to 13 feet. At least three are dead, millions are left without power, and nearly 800,000 forced to evacuate due to the storm.
  4. An intense Bering Sea Storm hit Alaska's Aleutian Islands this weekend, and is considered to be one of the strongest non-tropical cyclones on record. The storm had sustained winds equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane and wind gusts up to 115 MPH.
  5. Baltimore braces for the possibility of unrest as the first trial of a police officer in the Freddie Gray case wraps up. Jurors began deliberations and will decide the fate of Officer William Porter soon.
  6. Flags across Connecticut flew at half-staff Monday to honor the memory of those killed in the Sandy Hook shooting three years ago. On this anniversary, activists called for gun restrictions, while others measured what progress has been made since the shooting.
  7. San Bernardino shooting suspect Tashfeen Malik reportedly pledged her support for Islamic jihad on Facebook, bringing up questions as to how U.S. officials missed warning signs.
  8. Many are cheering the new climate deal reached in Paris, calling it "historic" and a "significant step forward." The climate conversation is now turning to questions about cost, including how much the deal with ultimately cost the U.S. and how the poorest nations will fund the climate deal.
  9. A new investigation involving the Chicago Police is underway. Homan Square is allegedly being investigated as a suspected secretive detention facility in what could be another in a series of recent scandals involving the Chicago Police.

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