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EDM Wednesday Briefing: Safe Houses Found in Belgium, Russians Detained, Snow Causes Pileup


EDM Wednesday Briefing, 1/13/2016: Detained U.S. sailors are released by Iran, police officers deliver water in Flint, MI, a suicide bombing kills 10 in Cameroon, safe houses of Paris attackers are found in Belgium, and Russians are detained in Turkey.

U.S. Soldiers Released, Flint, Michigan Police Officers Deliver Water, Port Washington Seeking Power Grid Infrastructure Resilience

  1. U.S. sailors detained by Iran have reportedly been released.  Two U. S. Navy patrol boats reportedly experienced some system failures and traveled into waters claimed by Iranians.  Reports are unclear as to the return of the patrol boats.
  2. Snow and whiteout conditions are being blamed for the 40-car pileup on I-74 in southeast Indiana.  The reported cause of the pileup was a jackknifed semi-tractor trailer that occurred due to the slick road conditions.  According to reports, only six people were transported to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.
  3. In Flint, Michigan, police officers are going door-to-door to deliver bottled water, testing kits, water filters, and replacement cartridges to residents after the state of emergency declaration by Governor Rick Snyder last week.  Locations are also available for residents to pick up clean water supplies.
  4. Infrastructure is aging in the United States, and that includes the nation's power grid.  The American Society of Civil Engineers releases a report card regarding the nation's infrastructure, and the nation's current energy rating is a D+.  Some residents of New York's Long Island are hoping to make their city, Port Washington, more resilient and less susceptible to power outages.  The city is taking part in a contest to develop a micro-grid, or a standalone electrical system that would operate independently of the main grid during a power failure.
  5. Suicide Bombing in Cameroon, Three Russians Detained in Turkey, Paris Attackers Safe Houses Found

  6. Kolofata, Cameroon was the scene of a deadly terrorist attack allegedly perpetrated by two female suicide bombers. The attack was against a mosque in the Far North region, where it killed ten people and wounded approximately twelve others.
  7. Three Russian Nationals are being held in Turkey in connection with the recent attack in Istanbul that killed a total of ten people, and wounded another fifteen.  The Russians being held are suspected of having links with ISIS, the alleged perpetrators of the attack.  The attack was said to be carried out by a suicide bomber thought to be from Syria and affiliated with the Islamic State.  Eight of those killed were Germans and another nine were wounded according to Germany's foreign minister .
  8. Suspected safe houses used by the Paris attackers have been found by investigators in Belgium.  Two apartments, one in Brussels, the other in Charleroi, along with a house in Auvelais, were rented under false identities and paid in advance with cash for one year.  Fingerprints of both Bilal Hadfi and Abdelhamid Abaaoud were discovered in the apartment in Charleroi.
  9. Vehicles rented by the suspects made stops near the suspected rentals, including a Seat Leon Hatchback that stopped in Auvelais and Charleroi, and a BMW that stopped nearby all the suspected rental locations.
  10. The location of an alleged bomb factory was also found in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels last week which held traces of explosives and handmade belts.

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