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Nepal Thunderstorm Kills at Least 35, Injures Hundreds

Nepal Thunderstorm Kills at Least 35, Injures Hundreds

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By David E. Hubler
Contributor, EDM Digest

At least 35 people were killed and over 600 others were injured when a violent thunderstorm swept through southern Nepal late Sunday evening, The Himalayan Times reported.

The casualties included passengers in a bus that was blown off a road by the high winds, according to the BBC.

Nepali officials said the storm destroyed houses, overturned vehicles, and uprooted trees in Bara and Parsa, two districts close to the southern border with India. “Police said other deaths were caused by collapsing walls and falling bricks in homes and toppled trees and electricity poles,” Fox News reported.

Death Toll Confirmed at 27 in Bara, 1 in Parsa

The Ministry of Home Affairs released a statement on Monday confirming the death toll in Bara at 27. “Out of the deceased, 10 are males, 11 are females and 6 are minors,” the Himalayan Times said.

One other person died in neighboring Parsa, area administrator Narayan Bhattarai told Fox News.

Police warned that the death toll could rise because search teams have been unable to reach some areas due to roads being blocked by fallen trees and other debris.

Many people were killed after being buried under collapsed houses or crushed by electricity poles and trees that were uprooted during the storm, UPI reported. “Two battalions of the Nepalese army, the armed police force and other security agencies have been deployed,” Bara's Chief District Officer Rajesh Poudel told the news agency.

Many of the Injured Have Returned to Their Homes

About 285 of the injured have returned to their homes after primary treatment while 375 are receiving treatment at various hospitals in the stricken districts. Likewise, “nine people who sustained critical injuries in the calamitous incident have been airlifted to Kathmandu in Nepal Army’s Sky Truck and M17 chopper,” the Himalayan Times added.

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