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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Releases Review of Snowstorm Response


Commission scrutinizes response to winter storm

In response to the record-breaking snowfall in Pennsylvania this winter, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) released an updated After-Action Review (AAR) last week.

The 30-page AAR addresses the extensive response to the historic snowstorm in January 2016 that involved more than 300 responders from 30 different partners. The PTC typically conducts an AAR after major incidents.

Opportunities for improvement

The AAR put together by the PTC, along with reviewing current practices, offered up new recommendations for improvement. The "opportunities for improvement" included:

  • Conduct a review of equipment and staffing at every maintenance facility.
  • Evaluate access ramps, gates and median barriers to better deal with traffic congestion.
  • Develop a stronger social-media presence to connect with motorists.
  • Improve weather forecasting capabilities.
  • Maintain caches of emergency rations for motorists.
  • Improve communications with the Pennsylvania National Guard.

End goal

A main goal of the review, according to Sean Logan, PA Turnpike Chairman, was to learn from the complex, combined response and "do a better job the next time." According to Logan, the AAR ultimately "lays out a blueprint for a better planned and coordinated response to future emergencies."

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