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Photogenic Monster Tornado Caught Ripping Up Wyoming For An Hour Near Laramie



June in the middle of North America brings with it tornado season to the plains. On Wednesday, the wide open expanse to the north of Laramie, Wyoming was visited by a handful of twisters that touched down across the area, which seemed to escape major damage from the churning funnels reaching down to turn up the Earth.

The swirling vortices also lent themselves to the creation of some really epic storm-chasing photography. In particular one funnel cloud spent nearly an hour on the ground just 8 miles north of Laramie, allowing stormchaser James Hammett to capture it from all angles and through its entire life cycle.



It’s such a remarkable sight that it almost appears to have been created through some sort of Hollywood CGI, particularly in the first moments when the funnel reaches down from dark clouds to contact the ground. But this was not a creation of Hammett’s making; the squall was well documented and much photographed.

From there it widens into a monstrous whirlwind slowly moving across the surface, ripping into the soil and browning in the process. Eventually it finally begins to dissipate and vanish.

As Weather Channel meteorologist Tevin Wooten explained, the low-precipitation structure of the tornado allowed for the stunning, clear views that many were able to snap.

If you live in tornado territory, keep in mind that these magnificent monsters are dangerous, and so is storm-chasing. The season is just getting started. Please heed all National Weather Service warnings, take cover and stay safe.


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