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Suspect in New York, New Jersey Bombings Apprehended


Ahmad Khan Rahami, a person of interest in the recent bomb attacks occurring in New York and New Jersey was apprehended around noon today in Lindon, NJ, according to ABC News. He was taken in to custody and hospitalized due to injuries sustained during a shootout with police.

FBI official Bill Sweeney said Rahami has been “directly linked” to both devices used in both states. Linden Mayor, Derek Armstead, told ABC New York station WABC that one of the police officers was shot during the initial confrontation, but was wearing his bullet proof vest and he "thinks that saved his life."

Here's a breakdown on what led up to the shootout and arrest.

Seaside Park, New Jersey

On Saturday morning at approximately 9:30 am, along a route planned for a 5K charity race intended for U.S. Marines and sailors, CNN reported an explosion within a garbage can occurred. Investigators discovered three pipe-bomb-type devices which had been wired together with some type of timer device connected. Two federal law enforcement officials reported that only one of the three actually detonated. Race officials concluded that due to the delayed start of the race caused by registration problems, no one was in the area resulting in no injuries.

Chelsea Neighborhood, New York City

According to ABC News, an explosion at around 8:30 p.m. in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City occurred on West 23rd street, injuring 29 people. New York Mayor de Blasio stated that all of those injured have been released from the hospitals.

Following the initial explosion, a block-by-block search of the city occurred and a secondary device was found on 27th street, according to the city’s police commissioner, James O’Neill. This secondary device turned out to be a pressure cooker style improvised explosion device. NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald tweeted that the device was “rendered…safe” and “the device and its components” would be examined by the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA.

Elizabeth, New Jersey

According to NBC News, two men found a backpack within a garbage can outside a crowded pub in Elizabeth, NJ. Reports say they picked up the package and carried it a ways before noticing wires and pipes, and decided to drop it and notify police headquarters.

Elizabeth Mayor, Chris Bollwage, told reporters that the bomb squad robot was “cutting into the device when it exploded.” Reports show there were five pipe bombs within the backpack retrieved near the New Jersey train station. According to NBC News, the robot-induced blast occurred around 1 a.m. ET Monday.

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