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White House Issues Memorandum on Drought Resilience


White House Isssues Memorandum on Drought Resilience

President Obama wants to expand the fight against drought

President Barack Obama released an official memorandum late last month on "building national capabilities for long-term drought resilience."

In the memorandum, President Obama calls for the expansion on efforts that work to decrease the drought vulnerability of certain communities within the U.S.

According to official memorandum: "Our Nation must sustain and expand efforts to reduce the vulnerability of communities to the impacts of drought. Every year, drought affects millions of Americans and poses a serious and growing threat to the security and economies of communities nationwide."

Call for collaboration

President Obama also calls for collaboration among city, state and federal agencies to tackle the complex problems that drought brings to both agricultural production and to the quantity and quality of drinking water.

According to official memorandum: ... also work with State, regional, tribal, and local institutions to support their efforts to maintain and enhance the long-term health and resilience of working lands and ecosystems.

Build resilience

The focus of the memorandum is more on the "when" instead of the "if." That is, it is a call for various agencies to work together to build resillience for when drought happesns, because, as many California residents already know, it's not a question of "if" but rather "when" and for how long.

The new National Drought Resilience Partnership will include officials from more than a dozen different agencies to help cities and states establish programs and policies to battle through drought conditions when they do appear.


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