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EDM and Cybersecurity: Oops, My Bad


One of the trends that is presenting itself in our EDM Digest posts is the issue of cybersecurity--here are few examples:


So here's the thing:

I teach a graduate class called Crisis Action Planning. The most important feature of the class is an exercise where students pick an organization of their choice and visualize the threats that could harm it. Examples typically include natural disasters--hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.--and man-made disasters--war, terrorism, etc. I encourage students to examine the possibilities far and wide, and include everything they can envision in their threat assessment. I periodically chastise them for not thinking broadly enough--far enough 'outside the box,' if you will.

My university, which always has its ear to the ground regarding the next educational opportunity that would benefit students and society, came up with a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity. Good for them. However, as part of the curriculum, they wanted to establish a class titled: 'Emergency Management Perspectives in Cybersecurity.' I was first a part of our overall group of professors that was asked if anyone would want to develop the course. Then, I was directly offered a task order to create the course, including generous compensation. I turned it down. I turned it down because at the time, I could not envision a connection between cybersecurity and emergency management.

Obviously, since that time, and thanks to my colleagues here at the EDM Blog, I've learned a lot. Obviously, and to my somewhat embarrassment, I violated my own guidance with respect to thinking broadly. I accept that, and frankly, am thrilled by that--because once an individual decides they have nothing further to learn, then they may as well check out of life. What is our purpose here on this marvelous Spaceship Earth if not to learn? So in summary:

Oops, my bad.

Randall Cuthbert Dr. Randall Cuthbert is a retired APUS Professor of Emergency & Disaster Management. He has also worked as a Red Cross Shelter Supervisor, and spent a 20-year career as a US Air Force Civil Engineer Officer. His blogging interests include: protecting & enhancing the EDM profession in the areas of integrity, honorable public service, and social justice; education regarding the 'big picture' role of EDM in our society; educating our professionals and neighbors with regard to the greatest threat to our civilization--climate change; and in general terms, creating a better world for our children and grandchildren.