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Sunday Media Review--Cybersecurity


We've talked to some extent about cyber issues here on the EDM Blog. Here are some examples:

There are others. Please thumb back through our postings to capture the full scope of our analysis.

As is true with pretty much all issues in emergency management, much has already been said and much has already been written on this topic. Although this is one of the newest topics in EDM, it's not unexplored. So presented for your consideration and education today are the following resources. They are presented by two remarkable individuals: Richard A. Clarke and Peter W. Singer. Both have unassailable credentials on the topic, and both have presented their educational efforts in three different media: video; non-fiction; and fiction. So I've presented these three media for your education and enjoyment. Please DO enjoy.

Richard A. Clarke

Video:  Cyber War in 2013

Non-fiction:  Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and what to do about it

Fiction:  The Scorpion's Gate

Peter W. Singer

Video:  Cybersecurity & Cyberwar: What Everyone needs to Know

Non-fiction:  Cybersecurity & Cyberwar: What Everyone needs to Know?

Fiction:  Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the next World War

Food for thought for your Sunday. Or, if your profession involves cybersecurity, and there are resources here that you haven't reviewed with your staff and integrated into your plans and operations, look upon this as the perfect opportunity to do so.

Randall Cuthbert Dr. Randall Cuthbert is a retired APUS Professor of Emergency & Disaster Management. He has also worked as a Red Cross Shelter Supervisor, and spent a 20-year career as a US Air Force Civil Engineer Officer. His blogging interests include: protecting & enhancing the EDM profession in the areas of integrity, honorable public service, and social justice; education regarding the 'big picture' role of EDM in our society; educating our professionals and neighbors with regard to the greatest threat to our civilization--climate change; and in general terms, creating a better world for our children and grandchildren.