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EDM Friday Briefing: Fort McMurray Evacuees, Wildfires in Russia, Energy Crisis in Venezuela, Zika Funding in U.S.

Fort McMurray evacuees receive one-time payments to help cover emergency expenses, wildfires burn across Russia, Venezuela continues to struggle through its energy crisis, the NGA calls for immediate action on U.S. Zika funding, and Flint, MI gets an influx of private funds to aid recovery efforts.

Deadly Fire Shuts Down Key Route To Yosemite National Park

EDM Wednesday Briefing: F-22s Show South Korean Support, Apple Resists Court Order, Rockslide Closes Section of I-70 in Colorado

The United States flies F-22 fighters over South Korea in a show of support for the nation amid recent tensions, the CEO of Apple is resisting a federal order to help authorities gain access to San Bernardino shooter's phone, and a particularly narrow section of I-70 in Colorado's Glenwood Canyon has been closed due to a major rockslide.

EDM Friday Briefing: Kincade Fire Explodes to 16,000 Acres