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Transportation Infrastructure ~ Bridges

Bridges are vital to each of the transportation systems as they span rivers, bays, gullies, gaps, mountain passes, and various other chasms that would be time consuming and costly to go around. Like the nation's dams, roadway bridges within the country are aging and the maintenance and repair of them has been steadily declining. As a part of the nation's infrastructure because they are part of a larger system that carries goods across the country, bridges must be maintained, or replaced as they outlive their design. Currently, more than 66,000 of the nation's bridges are considered structurally deficient.

EDM Thursday Briefing: Tornadoes in Oklahoma, Dead Fish in Florida, Overpass Collapse in India

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Winter Storm Kayla, Tornadoes in the South, California Water Conservation

Winter Storm Kayla continues to produce blizzard conditions in the upper Midwest and severe thunderstorms that spawned tornadoes across the South, the Flint, MI water crisis continues, California extends its emergency water conservation measures, and a report shows bridges in Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island are among nation's worst.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Harvey's Third Landfall Shifts Rainfall Threat