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EDM Wednesday Briefing: TS Earl, Phoenix Rains, San Diego, CA Fires, N. Korea, India Bridge Collapse

Emergency and disaster management briefing for August 3, 2016: Tropical Storm Earl threatens Belize, Mexico, a 1/100 year rain event occurs in Phoenix, the CDC issues a travel warning for the Miami area, charges are brought against a suspected San Diego police shooter, officials discover the source of the Soberanes Fire, a Napa Valley fire erupts, the DOE wants affordable electric vehicles, North Korea launches missiles, Brava experiences an earthquake, and a bridge collapses in India.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Ebola Outbreak Intensifies

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Clean Power Plan Delayed, Senate Vote on North Korean Sanctions, Winter Storms, Coastal Flooding

The Supreme Court has issued a temporary freeze on President Obama's sweeping Clean Power Plan that required state's to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In light of the recent North Korean satellite launch and in conjunction with suspected increasing nuclear weapons capabilities, the Senate is considering implementing stronger sanctions agains North Korea. Further study of the Zika virus has scientists concerned that maybe they underestimated its dangers, and residents in New Jersey, New York wonder if coastal flooding is becoming the new normal.

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