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Government Watchdog: Federal Agencies Failing on Cybersecurity

GAO says agencies must improve controls over high-impact systems

A government watchdog recently scrutinized the information security systems of two-dozen federal agencies and found many lacking in several key security areas.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) surveyed 24 federal agencies …

EDM Monday Briefing: DHS Warns on Cyber Attacks, Rare Tornadoes Hit Florida, Federal Aid Heading to Flint

EDM Tuesday Briefing: Government Focuses on Cyber Security, Wildfire Forecast Points to Risk in Hawaii, California

A new cybersecurity agency aims to develop new policies, Colorado looks to invest in a cybersecurity training center, the NIFC releases its latest wildfire risk outlook, authorities contain the Shenandoah wildfire, and Venezuela continues to take drastic measures to combat its worsening energy crisis.

EDM Friday Briefing: Rapidly Moving Wildfire Engulfs Town In Northern California