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Advances in Dam Removal: Is it Time to Celebrate?

We built our civilization partly on the energy produced by dams. This has had an unintended consequence--species extinction. One of these species includes salmon--the protein lifeblood of the Pacific. We've been able to remove many of the dams that threaten these vital species, but we need to do better. Here's what we've accomplished. How can we do better?

Downstream communities brace for flooding as dams overflow

Sunday Media Review: The Song of the Salmon

The long-term future of emergency management is strongly correlated to how we treat this marvelous Earth that we've been entrusted with. We have many failures, and a few successes. Here is a presentation of the treatment of one critical species that's on the knife's edge, where we can do what's right or do what's negligent. As with all things that enhance or condemn our civilization, what we ultimately choose to do is up to us.

Study: Climate Change is Affecting Distribution of Global Water Resources

Transportation Infrastructure ~ Bridges

Bridges are vital to each of the transportation systems as they span rivers, bays, gullies, gaps, mountain passes, and various other chasms that would be time consuming and costly to go around. Like the nation's dams, roadway bridges within the country are aging and the maintenance and repair of them has been steadily declining. As a part of the nation's infrastructure because they are part of a larger system that carries goods across the country, bridges must be maintained, or replaced as they outlive their design. Currently, more than 66,000 of the nation's bridges are considered structurally deficient.

Bridge Collapse in Italy is a Painful Reminder of the Need for Effective Mitigation Strategies