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EDM Thursday Briefing: Missing EgyptAir Flight, Ecuador Earthquakes, Mount St. Helens Eruption Anniversary

EgyptAir Flight 804 vanishes from radar on its way from Paris to Cairo, two more earthquakes strike Ecuador, yesterday marks the 36-year anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption, the UNISDR announces the debut of World Tsunami Awareness Day, and limited progress is made in the quest for Zika funds.

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EDM Wednesday Briefing: Earthquake in Ecuador, Sri Lankan Mudslides, Oil Spill Charges Filed, Yellow Fever, Fort McMurray Fire Rages On

Another earthquake strikes Ecuador, torrential rains create a major landslide in Sri Lanka, the company responsible for a Santa Barbara oil spill faces criminal charges, a WHO panel will convene on yellow fever outbreak concerns, a fire damages tracks in New York, and the Fort McMurray fire is still raging out of control.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Severe Weather, DC Metro, Fort McMurray, Solomon Islands, Climate Change

EDM Monday Briefing: Ecuador Mourns, U.S. and North Korea Trade Jabs, Online Fraud Soars

Ecuador mourns the loss of nearly 700 in the recent earthquake as the United Nations calls for millions in aid, North Korea says it will halt its nuclear exercises if the U.S. and South Korea halt their joint military exercises, the U.S. quickly rejects the offer, and a recent report reveals that the rate of online fraud is soaring.

EDM Thursday Briefing: UN Passes Sanctions on North Korea, Apple Gains Support