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EDM Monday Briefing: The WHO to Hold Meeting on Zika, El Nino Storms Batter CA, Dengue Fever Spreads in Hawaii

The World Health Organization will hold an emergency meeting on Zika virus to discuss ways to battle the recent outbreak, strong El Nino-fueled storms hit Southern California yesterday and should continue today, and Hawaii is considering options as confirmed cases of Dengue Fever rise.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Hunt a Woman in Colorado Believed to be a Credible Threat to Schools

EDM Friday Briefing: A Strong El Niño, Porter Ranch Update, First Atlantic Hurricane in January in 78 Years

Analysis from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that the current El Niño is one of the strongest on record, health risks posed by the gas leak in California may have been understated, and a rare winter hurricane forms.

EDM Thursday Briefing: List of Zika Cases in U.S. Grows, Oregon Standoff Winds Down, East Coast Digs Out