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EDM Monday Briefing: CA Wildfires, U.S. Drought, Violence in Germany, Pokemon Go

Emergency and disaster management briefing for July 25, 2016: California battles multiple wildfires, drought conditions in the U.S. worsen, Germany reels from multiple violent incidents, Pokemon Go causes an uptick in emergency room visits, the Premier of Alberta calls for disaster assistance reform, and another shooting occurs at a Florida nightclub.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: California's Heat Wave and Santa Ana Winds Spark Wildfires

EDM Friday Briefing: Fort McMurray, Superbug, Louisiana Hate Crimes, Migrant Boats

The Alberta government says that the wildfires are still burning out of control, researchers discover someone in the U.S. resistant to "last resort" antibiotics for the first time, Louisiana expands hate crime laws to include first responders, and another migrant boat capsizes, resulting in multiple deaths.

EDM Friday Briefing: North Korea Missile, U.S. Spring Climate Predictions, Nuclear Power Plant Leak

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Earthquake in Ecuador, Sri Lankan Mudslides, Oil Spill Charges Filed, Yellow Fever, Fort McMurray Fire Rages On

Another earthquake strikes Ecuador, torrential rains create a major landslide in Sri Lanka, the company responsible for a Santa Barbara oil spill faces criminal charges, a WHO panel will convene on yellow fever outbreak concerns, a fire damages tracks in New York, and the Fort McMurray fire is still raging out of control.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Flint, Record Heat, Earthquakes, Texas Flooding, FBI

Things That We Will Lose in the Fire

We are learning--very painfully--that our actions over time have consequences. When we build cities on the shore, they will be swept away by hurricanes, tsunamis, or inundated by sea level rise; if we build them on a fault line, they will be destroyed by earthquake; and if we build them in a forest, they are likely to burn. We're not good at either listening or learning. Let's work on that.

EDM Wednesday Briefing: New Technology Detects Electrical Utility Issues Before Disasters Can Occur