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EDM Wednesday Briefing: Severe Weather, DC Metro, Fort McMurray, Solomon Islands, Climate Change

Severe weather impacts multiple states, spawns tornadoes and dumps large hail, scientists attribute the Fort McMurray wildfire to climate change impacts, a knife-wielding man causes issues in Taunton, MA, recent fires on the Washington, D.C. Metro prompt a strong statement from the DOT, five Solomon Islands have disappeared, Germany is on alert, the FTC and FCC have concerns over delays in security fixes for mobile devices, and the USAID says long-term planning is the key to ending Ethiopian drought.

Butterflies and Black Swans

EDM Tuesday Briefing: Tornadoes in the Plains, Impact of Social Media on EDM, Tremors Under Mount St. Helens

Tornadoes sweep over the Plains as severe weather in the U.S. moves east, a group analyzes the role of social media in EDM, small quakes under Mount St. Helens put renewed focus on PNW volcanoes, and Fort McMurray damage reports start to emerge as firefighters continue to try to stop the wildfire.

EDM Monday Briefing: Mystery Coronavirus Cases Rise, Spread to Other Cities, Countries

EDM Friday Briefing: Listeria Outbreak Worsens, Nepal Rebuilds, Fort McMurray Fire Rages On

A voluntary recall of frozen fruits and vegetables expands to 42 brands in all 50 states, Nepal prepares to begin a major reconstruction project, Fort McMurray continues to burn, and cyber security analysts discover a massive hacking incident involving millions of email accounts.

EDM Friday Briefing: Electrical Arc Causes a Blue Sky in New York and Prompts a Full Ground Stop at LaGuardia Airport

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Wildfire in Alberta, UNDP Report, Airports & Zika, Vietnam

Fort McMurray, in Alberta, Canada is evacuated due to a wildfire, the UNDP warns of economic losses from rising temperatures due to climate change, U.S. airports begin an informal watch and informational campaign to help spread Zika virus awareness, and Vietnamese citizens hold a rare protest over environmental issues.

EDM Monday Briefing: E. coli Cases Grow and Expand to New States