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EDM Wednesday Briefing: CA Fires, Church Attack in France, India Flooding, Solar Powered Flight, Failing Infrastructure

Emergency and disaster management briefing for July 27, 2016: California wildfires prompt an emergency declaration, officials rescue a group of hikers, ISIS claims responsibility for an attack in France, the solar-powered Impulse 2 lands in Abu Dhabi, a boat sinks in the Bering Sea, heavy monsoon rains cause massive flooding in India, General Mills expands its recall, and America needs investment in failing infrastructure.

California Sees Stepped Up Rules, Eyes Possible Virus Surge

EDM Tuesday Briefing: Orlando Shooting, Pre-Disaster Mitigation, Terror Attack in France

The FBI says that Orlando shooting suspect Omar Mateen was on a terror watch list in 2013 but was taken off in 2014, Florida requests a federal emergency declaration to deal with the mass shooting, a new bill looks to slash FEMA's pre-disaster mitigation funds, a man pledging allegiance to the Islamic State stabs a French policeman to death, and investigators continue searching for EgyptAir Flight 804's missing black boxes.

FEMA Officials, Contractor Accused Of Hurricane Relief Fraud