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EDM Monday Briefing: Earthquakes, Airplane Fires, Georgia Wildfires

Emergency and disaster management briefing for October 31, 2016: A strong earthquake rocks Italy again, several smaller quakes shake Chile and Colombia, an American Airlines plane catches fire in Chicago, a FedEx airplane erupts in fire after landing in Florida, a police shootout in Oklahoma leaves one dead, a motorist strikes 22 pedestrians following a NASCAR race, and Atlanta battles wildfires amid drought conditions.

EDM Monday Briefing: E. coli Cases Grow and Expand to New States

EDM Wednesday Briefing: Charlotte & Tulsa Protests, Charges Filed in NY, NJ Bombings, CA Wildfires, Indonesian Landslides

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 21, 2016: Protests erupt in Charlotte, NC after an officer-involved shooting, Tulsa, OK protestors call for the firing of a police officer involved in a fatal shooting, U.S. prosecutors file charges against Ahmad Rahami for the recent New York and New Jersey bombings, a California wildfire becomes the costliest fire in history to fight, smartphones may be vulnerable to hacking that affects critical infrastructure, at least 19 die in Indonesian flooding and landslides, Atlanta police investigate a suspicious package, and a U-2 spy plane crashes, killing one pilot.

EDM Friday Briefing: New Issues Emerge Months after Devastating Wildfires

EDM Monday Briefing: Tanzania Earthquake, Mercury Contamination, Oil Spill, Mosque Fire

Emergency and disaster management briefing for September 12, 2016: Tanzania experiences a strong earthquake, a Las Vegas school deals with mercury contamination, a school bus crash at Denver International Airport kills one, an oil spill in Louisiana impacts wildlife, a fire breaks out at the mosque where the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooter prayed, the security firm who employed the Pulse Nightclub shooter is fined, an off-campus college party shooting injures five students, and Tennessee authorities arrest a man responsible for placing an explosive device.

EDM Monday Briefing: Terror Attack in Canada, Delta Airlines Outage, Tennessee Shooting