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EDM Wednesday Briefing: Severe Weather, Baton Rouge Protests, General Mills, Infrastructure, Climate Change, Power Grid

Severe weather hits Minneapolis, protests occur in Baton Rouge after a police shooting, General Mills expands flour recall lots, the Arlington Memorial Bridge receives federal grant money, LA water fountains help combat heat waves, FEMA announces aid for West Virginia, and power grids are at an increasing risk.

EDM Monday Briefing: Two Police Officers Shot in Alabama

EDM Tuesday Briefing: WHO Declares Zika Emergency, Oregon Protests Continue, Feds to Review San Francisco Police

The WHO declares a global public health emergency due to the outbreak of Zika virus, pro-militia protests reemerge near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, and the Justice Department announces a formal investigation into police practices in San Francisco.

EDM Thursday Briefing: Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast, Zika in Rio, Yellow Fever, Air Pollution